15 Wrong Reasons To Be In A Relationship

15 Wrong Reasons To Be In A Relationship

Being in a relationship has all sorts of perks. You have someone to talk to, someone to hug, kiss, and do things with at any given time. While relationships are nice, there are definitely the right reasons and the wrong reasons to decide to date someone.

15 Wrong Reasons To Be In A Relationship

Here are 15 wrong reasons for deciding to be committed to someone else.

Avoiding loneliness.

Having a significant other definitely makes your days and nights a lot less lonely, but if you’re only dating in order to distract yourself from feeling lonely and alone, there’s a problem!

You’re bored.

You’ve got all sorts of spare time and not much to do with it. Sometimes when you have too much time on your hands, a quick romantic fixation can unbore you; at least for a little while.

Caught up on the moment.

Once the honeymoon phase of a relationship ends, some people tend to find that they were only dating because of the magical moments and times that were had. But, when that all ends, the passion is over, just like the relationship.

Filling a personal void.

If you have an inner void that you can’t seem to figure out or shake, you probably think that having a loving and caring person in your life will make things better. Wrong! In fact, dating to fill a void only sets you up for a bad relationship.

You want sex.

Admit to it or not, there’s plenty of people in the world who have gotten into a relationship simply because their hook-ups or one night stands were great.

Just because.

Maybe a guy or girl asked you out and you just decided to say yes for the heck of it. While flattery is nice, it’s no means for a relationship.


So you haven’t dated someone in years and to say the least, you’re desperate for some TLC. Being desperate often lands you with the wrong person and a lot of wasted time, and money.

Convenient for you.

Maybe you’ve found a partner who lives closer to work, is near your favorite restaurant, will drive you anywhere, and gets discount tickets at the movies. The perks are nice, but in the end you’re just using the person you’re dating.

Career advances

Rarely do relationships at work go well. The bad part is that when they go bad, they can often go really really bad. Don’t think about dating a boss or a higher-up co-worker to try to further your career. It will probably backfire.

Physical attraction.

Though it’s not to be physically attracted to the person you’re dating, if it’s only a physical relationship, don’t plan for it to last too long.

Peer pressure from friends and relatives.

So your best friend and your closest aunt have all been pushing you to find a man and you cave in. Though it’s nice to appease others, if you’re only playing the field to appeal to others, don’t expect a quality relationship.

Your child needs a mom or dad.

Dating in order to fill a lack of a parent for your child is down right wrong. Having numerous men and women walking in and out of your kid’s life can be traumatizing. Don’t do it!


Money is nice. Okay, money is real nice, but it’s nothing that can sustain a relationship. Money can’t buy love, remember that.

Your clock is ticking.

So you’re 35, unmarried, and you really want to get the ball rolling. While you may feel strapped for time and in a hurry, don’t settle just because you’re getting older.

For a self-esteem boost.

Dating someone to boost your self-esteem and self-worth is useless because if the relationship doesn’t work, you’re back to where you started. Learn to love yourself before getting into a relationship.

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