From change to chains: No half loaf, no bakery

From change to chains: No half loaf, no bakery

Editor’s note: The government of President Muhammadu Buhari rode to power on a sweeping change mandate to give the country a new direction.

However, after the one year of the incumbent government, some Nigerians start complaining that the promised changed transformed into chains.

 Nicholas Oluwaseyi, the partner blogger, examines how the president changed Nigeria to worse.

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From change to chains: No half loaf, no bakery

From the look of things, there's no gainsaying that the current administration has betrayed the confidence of the masses who voted it into power.

It's no exaggeration that families now go to bed without at least one square meals. Some had fled homes because basic needs of life could no longer be supplied to loved ones.

Over the past a year, the current administration have nothing to show while poverty in the country had reached an unprecedented level. People stealing things unimaginable, people selling their loved ones, workers going to work with empty stomach and students staying home for months because of incessant strikes.

The current administration came campaigning with so many promises. For me, they have not done badly because I wasn't expecting much from it. But for millions whose Hope were raised, they've done woefully so far and all we now look forward to seeing is a better tomorrow under this administration provided there would be one.

Nigerians shouldn't take the whole share of the blame. Any reasonable person eating half loaves of bread daily would desire something better. Nigerians were eating half loaves of bread and someone came from nowhere and said I would provide you with loaves if you would support me in overthrowing the current manager of the bakery. He came explaining the whole strategies to achieve this and it looks attractive to many and in a state of desperation for a better condition millions followed him.

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With all the plans acted out successfully, he took over the management of the bakery. His strategies seem convincing to millions and democratically he took over. The whole country was in joy; old and young, literate and illiterate, villagers and urban dwellers. The whole song filling the country was that of WE SHALL NOW HAVE FULL LOAVES OF BREAD TO EAT.

Few days after the euphoric and landmark victory the new manager called the whole country together and said the old administration of the bakery had wasted all the flour and there is no way he could fund the bakery without everyone giving up the half loaves they had been feeding on for sometimes. Millions of expectations were dashed but then they summoned their last gasps of courage to endure till the current manager find new ways of improving the situation.

It's better to eclipse expectations than to do below it. All that the new owner could do is to run after the old administration cabal while neglecting finding a solution to the current situation. The Newspapers are now full of bad news—economic uncertainties, persistent problems in the country, more strife and terrorism. Many Nigerians are now pessimistic not only about our Nation’s future, but their own as well. Friends are not faithful, marriages are not stable, streets are not safe. The hungry man is the angry man. The streets are now filled with angry men. Financial struggles, job problems, health problems. Life is depressing for many people and many are dying physically and psychologically. The morale in the country is low. Lots of things are not working in the country and all poor Nigerians hear every day from the new manager are empty promises in which only God knows if any shall be fulfilled.

Healthcare is now placard-holders . The little ones like me who perceive health workers as a source of inspiration are now in doubts. The new generation are sitting at home because of strike actions taken by their lecturers and the old ones are holding placards. What is the hope of the crying and dying Nigerians ? Change has turned to chains!  Strike actions have shown Nigerian patients maximum disrespect.

You no longer walk the premises of the hospital as medical students boasting of a waiting job as it used to be before, except for some who hold tightly the hands of the Almighty. Parents can't gladly wait for the induction of their wards and be confident of sitting to enjoy.

It's obvious things aren't working. The Naira has depreciated. Prices of goods have gone up. Nigerians are losing patience and all the new owners are asking for is patience while people are dying. When will things get better? After everyone had died? Or can the dead drink from the empty promises? Nigerians are not even asking for bread again all they want to see the half loaves or better still the aroma from the bakery.

Our half loaves have been taken and things are not working at the bakery again. The change Nigerians wanted has been turned into chains.

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I wish I could sit down with you, hear your own story and the hardship you've been going through since the current administration emerged and encourage you today. You've been having a difficult time and you don't feel good about yourself, I want to tell you that you do have value. YOU matter. The recession doesn't have to define you. You can still salvage your life despite all the difficulties around. The recession could have deepened things but in you lies a giant that can go deeper. Your life can change, and you can also make a difference. No matter what traumas you've suffered or mistakes you've made, you can learn and grow. You can become the person you have the potential to be. And every time you take a step, think a positive thought, make a good choice. Just keep moving and keep believing.

The recession could be expanding but you can contain it and live your best life now. The situations around might not be bringing smiles but what lies inside of you matter more. You can turn these lines to smiles and the current lemon filling the country could be turned into lemonade.

England and Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill was asked about England's greatest weapon against the Nazi, he responded with one word : HOPE. Hope is our greatest asset and weapon at a time like this when difficulties seem to be mounting. Hope shines the brightest when the hour is darkest.

Our expectations might have been matched on but we shall remain the brave soldiers. We have been bent but we can't be broken. What lies in us is greater than what lies outside us. BE STRONG.

Nicholas Oluwaseyi is a young medical student whom God has favoured and committed a great vision of seeing mankind turn into eternal HOPE. He could be reached through his e-mail You can also follow his blog welcomes writers, bloggers, photographers and all sorts of “noise makers” to become a part of our Bloggers network. If you are a seasoned writer or a complete newbie – apply and become Nigeria’s next star blogger.

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