Top 3 African garden egg recipes

Top 3 African garden egg recipes

Garden egg is a plant not all of us are aware of. However, it is not only beneficial to your health in many ways but can also be made into a delicious meal with these simple recipes we provide for you.

Top 3 African garden egg recipes

If you wonder what benefits of this plant you should know about, here is a list of its jaw-dropping effect on one’s health that should make whole difference in attitude to this plant:

★ Ability to control your weight level

★ Improves the function of your heart

★ Prevents tons of colon diseases

★ Serves as a source of useful nutrients for one’s brain

★ Slows down the aging process

★ Prevents possible inflammations

★ Protects your skin

★ Makes your blood vessels more flexible

★ Provides enough fiber for the body

★ Improves general hair condition

★ Helps your body digest food

★ Controls the level of sugar in one’s blood

Top 3 African garden egg recipes

Now, as you are persuaded that this plant is a real asset to your body, make sure to use the recipes we will provide for you below to have this plant in your diet on a regular basis every now and then.

So meet the best garden egg recipes, both Nigerian and all-African, we could find online.

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Garden egg sauce or stew recipe

Top 3 African garden egg recipes

Ingredients you need to make this meal include:

☛ Up to nine garden eggs

☛ A whole cup of palm oil

☛ An onion

☛ Spices (optional)

☛ Castor seed

☛ A mackerel fish

How to make this stew: Start with washing the garden eggs and cutting the stalk off. Then you need to make a puree out these plants. Depending in what equipment you use to make it you can either boil the garden eggs before you mash them, or add some water to a blender cup while blending. Another option is to cook them first and then use a sieve to puree them. Then proceed to cut the onion up and mixing castor seed with spices. Then take mackerel a prepare it smoked; then tear it into small pieces.

Then take all the puree you made out of the garden egg and let it boil in a pot until no more water is left. Take the heated palm oil and put the onion you previously cut into pieces to it for a little bit. Proceed to stir the puree up a bit until the oil from the garden egg separates from the plant. Next, mix the spices into the pan, then put the mackerel in the pot, stir it und let it simmer for some time. Taste to see whether it is done and turn off the gas. Here you go the first garden egg sauce recipe is ready!

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Garden egg stew recipe

Top 3 African garden egg recipes

Ingredients you need for this meal:

☛ Up to ten garden eggs (either green or white)

☛ Half a cup of palm oil

☛ Two red bell peppers

☛ Two hot peppers

☛ One and a half onion

☛ Half a cup of smoked shrimps

☛ Half a cup shredded smoked fish

☛Spices (optional)

To make this garden egg stew start with cutting or rather blending the garden eggs. Don’t make a puree out of them, but rather cut them. Then also puree the peppers and tomatoes (if you want to add them to your stew) and onion. Then take some palm oil and heat it up in a pan. A few moments later add onions in a pan and fry until they become fragrant. Do not take all of the onions you have but only one-half of it.

Then add spices and shrimps to dry them as well for a couple of minutes. Remember to stir them at all times not to let them stick to the pan. Now is the time to fill the garden eggs in. Put them on the pan and let them stay there for at least five minutes. Here you go – your garden egg stew is ready to be served. Just make sure also to cook some side dish to go with it.

Nigerian / African garden egg recipe

Top 3 African garden egg recipes

You can also try out this recipe. It is not too different from the previous too, yet very delicious. You can quickly master the art of cooking this meal, so don’t hesitate to save it to serve with potatoes and yam.

Ingredients you need for it:

☛ Up to eight garden eggs (both white or green)

☛ Two tablespoons of groundnut oil

☛ One and a half onions

☛Two bell peppers

☛ Two chili peppers

☛ Smoked mackerel fish

☛ Spices (optional)

How to make it: This garden egg sauce recipe also starts with boiling the garden eggs for up to seven minutes. Then take the skin of the plants. Then cut the vegetable into chunks. Take a pan to make your stew in. Pour oil on it and let it heat up. When the pan is hot, add onions to it and let them fry on the medium heat until transparent. Then put everything but the garden egg to the pan and let it cook for at least ten minutes. Now is the time to put the garden eggs on the pan and simmer them there for a couple of minutes. Voila! You garden egg stew is ready to be served.

It is not exactly a salad recipe, yet people often serve it on the side as a salad. So, you should try it too. You will make it with no problems at all, and your family will be forever grateful for a delicious dinner you made out of this plant.

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