Tsado Mohammed writes an open letter to Buhari

Tsado Mohammed writes an open letter to Buhari

Editor’s note: Tsado Mohammed, the NAIJ.com guest contributor writes an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari. Mohammed reminds the president that Nigerians voted or change, but haven’t seen it yet. The author explains in which spheres of life Nigerians need change most of all.

Tsado Mohammed writes an open letter to Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

With eighteen 18 months into your 48 months presidency, a lot has indeed changed in Nigeria but a lot more still need to be changed for the good. Current economic manifestation demands swift true CHANGE socio-economic and politically.

And by this I mean a bottom-top economic policy to aggressively propel economic activities, create jobs, increase productivity and reduce the cost of consumer goods in the country especially food stuff.

Let’s not play politics with the corporate social existence of this country, pretending that everything will improve somehow as every economic success globally is predicated on the ingenuity of policy as well as action or inaction of the government.

With the value of naira at a record low. It is time to act like a father to his children and not just as our commander-in-chief. Mr President, your commitment to this country is never in doubt. Explicitly, sir. Integrity or determination is one thing while the knowhow for effective economic policy decision is another thing entirely.

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Paying government contractors billions of their financial entitlements and presenting same as an anti-recession package in a country and economy like ours is very much out of place with operational reality of our national economy. If a fraction of that money actually goes into a real sector of the economic the story will be different in a short period of time. But sadly, a lot of that billions will not leave bank safe for any productive economic venture with multiplying economic effect on the life of the Talakawa. In fact, much of the money will only be living this country in hard currency for safe keeping in some financial heaven elsewhere.

With "political" (politicians, political parties, opposition) and "constitutional" (National Assembly, Judiciary) land mines across the polity. It is not out of place to consider a number of administrative instruments through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to further complement existing policy of your government. As we move on, we must seek economic guidance from our recent past without resorting to flogging a dead horse.

National assets vs external borrowing

Your Excellency. If you must know, Nigerians are not in support of selling any productive national asset such as the "NNPC" or "Ajaokuta Steel" and several others. But then, selling of "national liability" will be a welcome development even if un-announced.

So what are the national liabilities?

1. Presidential fleet

If there is one liability the country need to do away with and raise fund in the process is to reduce the presidential fleet by 75%.

2. Security vote

Sir. Security vote is one of the many political anomalies that has to be corrected immediately. It all came to life at a time of buoyant economic climate and has to go at a time like this. A decision which will amount to prioritizing national need. Unfortunately, on this I must confess to you, my president, this could go fruitless without the support of your Party, Cabinet Ministers, National Assembly and Public Official who are beneficiaries of security vote (political investors).

As much as we all love to see that your government succeeds on the war against corruption. I am afraid we may have to wait until God knows when the constitution will be amended to comprehensively address the inferno sustainably. A decision that should have been a priority of the government we voted for from the very beginning.

Your Excellency.

With rightly sincere group of people sitting at different side of the table, the Niger Delta issue can be resolved, more so in favor of your government by simply negotiating and securing at least 45% oil assets own by "individuals" and giving the economic ownership of same directly to "oil producing communities" not the state government.

Ideally. I would suggest that Mr President officially on behalf of all Nigerians and for the sake of peace in the region request that those individuals with massive oil businesses to relinquish 40% financial right of their oil assets in the region to host community as their sacrifice for the country. And as a support for the government in providing security for their investments.

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Also on corruption. As your administration continue searching for looted funds, let us equally look into the future with at least a single provision to provide for "The EFCC and ICPC be notified before and or after every transaction is made from every government financed account in the country and in "real time" not chasing shadows which they have largely been doing for years.

Better still every anti-graft agency or institution should be provided with account details and signatories to every account government funds will be paid in to by the CBN, ministry of finance or any other statutory financial institutions.


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