"Every Part Of My Body Is Sexy"- Actress Mary Lazarus

"Every Part Of My Body Is Sexy"- Actress Mary Lazarus

Mary Lazarus is a regular face on television when you talk of soap operas in recent times. She started her career as a model in 2002 after her secondary education. She has done a couple of jobs. Apart from modelling, she is also a fine actress.

"Every Part Of My Body Is Sexy"- Actress Mary Lazarus

In this interview, she speaks on how she selects her roles, her jobs with MTN, GLO, Reltel, Vmobile, Samsung, Maltonic, Lasma, Lawma and her future plans among other issues.

Has acting been rewarding for you? Acting is satisfactory to me and like the saying goes, you always get satisfaction doing what you love doing. Acting to me, is wonderful and l have always said that whoever I will marry in future must  not stop me from acting or  the relationship will suffer a setback. Though, it’s full of ups and downs. My passion for it  keeps me going in the industry. I’m always looking ahead for the positive returns it offers.

Did you at one time abandoned acting for business? I never abandoned acting for business at any time. Acting is my business and I do it with all my heart. Even though, I once worked with Bi-Courtney Aviation Services and Briscoe Toyota for some time. But l am now all for my acting career.

What was it like combining acting with business? It wasn’t easy combining the two and that was the reason I left the other work to concentrate on my real joy and love. Today, l believe l am more focus and my fans are happy.

Your face is not regular on TV, yet you are very successful. How are you coping? Quantity makes you known, quality makes you stand out. I always try to make sure I do jobs that offer me qualitative satisfaction and give me peace of mind, not the ones I can’t defend at the end of the day.

Tell us about your role in  M-net produced TV series,  Tinsel? I got into Tinsel through auditioning. I guess I proved myself worthy of the role. I must confess I’ve enjoyed every bit of it with great cast and crew!

We noticed you are also a model and you did one of the latest MTN educational projects. What was the catch for you on that deal and how much was the advert worth?

I have been modeling for MTN for five years now and my recent TVC with them wasn’t my first and all the pay has been really attractive.

What are your beauty tips and what attracts men to you? I’m a workaholic, a very hardworking lady because of that I try to eat well, catch my  fun when it is necessary and live a stress free life. I think what actually attract guys to me is my smile and openness and like my friends would say that my smile goes a long way.

What was your  childhood like? My childhood was very great. I have a twin brother called Joseph Lazarus with whom I am extremely close to. We enjoyed our childhood together because we did everything virtually together.  As expected of any twins. We fought, played, and laughed together. We did all these things together except sleeping with each other. My parents are very lovely people, though initially my dad wasn’t in support of my going into acting until recently when he realized I was doing what I loved to do.

What is your best food? I love good food oh! I love Chinese rice and sauce and any kind of drew soup (ogbono, ewedu or okro) Semo is on the list also.

Recent gist tells us that it is trendy to do boob jobs in the industry, have you done yours, since You just returned recently from United Kingdom or is there a particular thing you went to do there?

Boob job! I admire people that have actually done it, but I love my boobs the way God has created them and for your information I went to UK for my holiday.

What is your view on women who do body-enhancing jobs? They say different strokes are for different folks. Every individual has what appeals to him or her. So, I guess those women who go for body jobs have reasons for it. My judgment here doesn’t count. As for me,  doing it… that’s left to my personal decision and l am not even going to talk about it.

What would attract you to a man?

His first approach is a determining factor. Then, every other one can be worked on.

Are you in any relationship right now and may we share some details?

I would rather not discuss my private life here oh! Let’s leave as it is until you hear that I am married!

So when is the wedding bell ringing?

There’s time for everything, God makes the decision, watch out! But very soon by God’s grace.

What have you regretted since choosing acting as a career?

I have lost my privacy, yet I try everyday to  watch my back. It is never easy, but it is achievable.

Which part of your body do you consider sexiest? I’m a complete package! Every part of my body is sexy.

Would you take up a role that involves you having sex on set? Every job has its hazards, so I won’t say yes, neither will I say no. I would be extremely smart in my decision, considering I’m a principled and Godly person.

Who are those people you admire in the industry?

A lot of people have being strong sources of inspiration to me.  Some of which are Biodun Aleja,Wale Adenuga, Lekan Ayinde, Ese Atiyota,Paul Igwe, Tunde Olaoye,Faruk Lasaki, Moji Amaka and Elvis Chuks to mention a few.

At the moment what are you doing? Well, I am still an actress, and a model. Event planning is my newest business.

Before you take up a role what do you first consider?

What effect it would have on my future and what importance it would be to my career growth. I also put my fans into consideration; they’ve made me so far. So I want to be sure I am not placing frowns on their faces. Yeah, my fee is also of major consideration, I value my worth and quality a lot.

Source: Entertainment.naija.ng

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