Those who invested in MMM the same who voted for Buhari in 2015

Those who invested in MMM the same who voted for Buhari in 2015

Editor's note: Ofoegbu Chigemezu, the partner blogger, compares the participants of the controversial Ponzi scheme called MMM to those who voted for President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 elections. The blogger says that both have the similar dark past.

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You read the history of Mavrodi. You were told how he scammed investors billions of dollars, perhaps the perpetrator of the largest Ponzi fraud during the 90’s. Yet, you invested your money. I wouldn’t say that MMM has crashed. It could be returning by January as promised.

You that invested into a scheme despite its dark history is not different from the Nigerian who voted Buhari in 2015 despite his past record as the military commander.

The man who once ruled Nigeria between 1983-1985 – a period when Nigeria faced one of the greatest economic hardship apart from now. The man who refused to devalue the Naira by 60% despite IMF sanctions. The man who closed the borders despite the hardship that followed it – a socialist. The man who imprisoned more than 600 businessmen and politicians without trial. The disciplinarian who fought corruption and indiscipline by punishing citizens who refused to queue in bus park.

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I almost forgot – the man who censored the зress and imprisoned anyone who criticized his government.

That man came back in 2015 to contest for presidency after failing 3 times. judging by his past record, he was not supposed to rule Nigeria again, but we all needed to change an existing government of corruption – We needed a Messiah.

Blinded by our short sighted emotions - We could not learn from the lessons of 1984, forgetting that history merely repeats itself.

He declared his assets as having only hundred thousand euros in his account. He even borrowed money to buy nomination form. The Nigerians who bought his concept of change had felt remorse for their poor Messiah – they organized campaigns which was aimed at funding him – An old woman even donated her one million. I still remember a friend who supported Buhari with part of his pocket money with hope that he would make education free at all level like Rochas Okorocha of Imo state – since the both were of the same party.

He would make naira equal to one dollar – Even prominent Nigeria economist believed this. He would make education free at all level and feed hungry school children. He would fight corruption and imprison the cabals. He would deliver Nigeria from the shame of looting and embezzlement.

And finally, he would change Nigeria – the way these campaign promises floated from their lips, you may not only be convinced that Buhari is the awaited Messiah but could also be a magician.

More than a year has passed, enough to teach us the history we failed to learn in 2015. 1984 repeats like the mysterious cycle observed by Martin Armstrong.

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Today, the borders are being closed from the importation of major food products like rice – he continues to uphold self sufficiency like the socialist of North Korea who would better allow their citizens to die than to bend their ideologies. He earlier refused to float the Naira even while the citizens suffer. The man who named his dog Buhari was kept behind bars like the journalists who criticized his government in 1984.

You invested in him and still hope that he would do better with the remaining years before 2019. You are not different with the Nigerians who invested into MMM and still hope on January.

History is bound to repeat itself; it’s a pity that we fail to learn from history, we keep on repeating the same old mistake.

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