4 helpful tips to a happy relationship

4 helpful tips to a happy relationship

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Most happy relationship today leads to happy marriage. Any relationship that is built on a happy foundation and bricks can withstand trial times and ends up producing a happy marriage and also a happy family. The following tips can help you build and maintain a happy relationship or marriage as well;

1. Accept your role and maintain it

“Remember a man is the head of the family” but seems most woman has forgotten this in recent times. Accepting your role in a relationship or marriage means playing your either the role of a husband or wife, In any relationship or marriage a man has some special duties or roles to play in order to make it a happy one some these are;

(a) Treat and care for your wife tenderly compliment her always.

(b) Love your wife so much that you are willing to put her interests ahead of your own women love it.

As a woman there are certain roles you ought to play for your relationship to be a happy one some them are as follows;

(a) Respect your man deeply and help him fulfil his role men in there nature needs respect to help them fulfill their role towards you.

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(b) Support his decisions and wholeheartedly cooperate with him, when you do, you will look so beautiful in his eyes and he will never forget you everyday of his life. In some discussions ask your partner this question, How can i be a better husband or wife? listern carefully and do what you can to improve it.

2. Think as a team

When you are together with your mate, you both can also be referred to as a team and as we all know every team have the same goals and obligation to fulfill so when you think as a team things gets done easier, issues get resolved faster, problems are shared. Learn to be united in your thoughts and feelings because unity is essential when making decisions this goes with a saying that “United will stand while divided will Fall”. share your feelings with your mate not just information or opinions and always consult your mate before making any commitments.

3. Be realistic and optimistic

Do not expect perfection of yourself or of your partner, try to focus on your partner’s good qualities be confident with it and be patient with each other. sometimes ask yourself these questions:

(i) Can my partner sense that i care for him or her more than myself?

(ii) What have i done today to show love and respect to my partner?

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4. Care intimately about your partners feelings

Make it a point of duty to figure out the interests of your partner and treat it with so much precious care. Feelings are like ice blocks when not kept in a required tempreture will definitely melt and turn into normal water. care about your partners feelings and keep it in it’s required temperature and choose carefully your words when angry to avoid saying what you don’t really mean.

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