Goodness! These things will happen to you if you ever eat 3 eggs in a day

Goodness! These things will happen to you if you ever eat 3 eggs in a day

Contrary to the wide spread thought about not consuming more than one egg in a day, we have found new claims which does not support this.

Goodness! These things will happen to you if you ever eat 3 eggs in a day

Eating more than 3 eggs per day

Eating more than 2 eggs in a day has more benefits than you can imagine. Health experts often warn about the intake of more than one egg in a day because of cholesterol. The truth is that most of the foods we consume on a daily basis contain cholesterol just like eggs.

According to health experts, when foods that contain cholesterol are being eaten, the liver adjusts in such a way that its production is reduced. Taking more than 2 eggs does not necessarily increase the existing amount of cholesterol in your body.

Consuming whole eggs has wonderful benefits; the yoke is filled with numerous nutrients which are highly beneficial to the body. The egg yolk contains more than half of the calcium and iron contained in the whole egg. The egg white on the other hand contains about half of the total protein contained in the egg.

Find below some of the things that will happen to your body if you eat more eggs:

1. Assists in weight loss

Eating eggs with toast is recommended for those who are interested in losing weight. Having this for breakfast when working on your diet and weight is better as it is highly filling. The satiety index recorded in eating this is higher than what is being obtained in the consumption of cereals.

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2. Improves vision and the eye health

Consuming more eggs have the ability to prevent cataracts and retina degeneration. Most times, these are the causes of blindness in older people.

Eggs in addition to the consumption of spinach will help improve eyesight in the elderly. Eggs contain antioxidants and numerous nutrients that will help the body function well.

They contain lutein, zeaxanthin and carotenoid vitamins that support good vision and eye health. The presence of carotenoid limits the effect of sunlight on the eyes.

3. A rich source of iron

Iron is the carrier of oxygen in the blood. It is also useful for boosting the immune system and for energy metabolism.

The iron found in eggs in easy to absorb in addition to it being more usable. This iron exists in the form of heme iron and is good for the body; the body can get the needed amount of iron faster than when iron supplements are being taken.

Those who suffer from a deficiency of iron can eat more eggs in order to get the required amount of iron. The moment you start to have headaches and become irritated, you should eat more eggs.

4. Improves the adequacy of diets

Food eaten with eggs are usually more palatable than when they are eaten alone.

Most of the foods eaten can become balanced diet when eggs are being added to them. Those who do not eat eggs may not get as much vitamins as those who eat eggs regularly.

5. A rich source of protein

Since most of the foods eaten are basically carbohydrates, adding eggs to our diet can improve our health status. Eggs are rich sources of proteins which are highly important for the formation and repair of old and worn out tissues in the body.

Unlike carbohydrates, proteins cannot be stored in the body, thus, eating eggs regularly will supply the body with enough proteins.

An average size of egg contains about the same amount of protein contained in a 30g cooked meat. Egg proteins are the best in addition to the eggs being affordable.

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6. Protection of bones

Eggs contain calcium which is very good for bone health. An appreciable amount of vitamin D can be gotten in eggs. This vitamin is good for the absorption of calcium. This means that osteoporosis can be prevented if more eggs are eaten.

Also, the health of your hair and nails gets improved when eggs are being added to your diet, This translates into faster growing hair and nails.regular basis.

7. It helps improve the brain health

Ever wondered why nursing mothers prefer feeding their babies with eggs the moment they start to eat? It is because eggs contain choline; a nutrient that helps improve the development of the brain in fetus and new born babies.

This nutrient improves memory retention in kids as well as in adults. Eating more eggs during pregnancy is good for your unborn child as it contributes to memory retention.

See the video below to see how many eggs you can eat in a day:


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