6 facts that prove Buhari may never release Nnamdi Kanu

6 facts that prove Buhari may never release Nnamdi Kanu

The detention and trial of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has sparked a lot of controversies in the country in recent times.

6 facts that prove Buhari may never release Nnamdi Kanu

Buhari may never release Nnamdi Kanu, the detained IPOB leader

The IPOB leader have asked the court to squash all the six count charges levelled against him by the Federal Government. Nnamdi Kanu who has been in detention for over a year now says all the accusations levelled against him are baseless.

Keeping Kanu behind bars has no doubt agitated the IPOB group who are querulously demanding for the release of their leader. While Kanu's case might have been dragged for long, there are pointers showing why he may never be released despite the numerous trials he has faced.

Nnamdi keeps complaining about the treatment he is being subjected to as he is held in detention; he said people who have made attempt to visit him in detention end up being harassed and arrested. Despite his bitterness about being held in detention and treated meanly, there are some indications that prove that he may never be released.

Find below some of the quick facts that show that Nnamdi Kanu may never be released:

1. The president has no clue on what they are agitating for

Although the IPOB has been in existence for a while, the president in a media chat said the Igbos are not marginalised and that he is yet to know what they are agitating for.

The implication of this is that the Kanu may stay in detention for as long as the president gets to know what they are up to officially.

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2. Kanu's dual citizenship

Buhari's revealed during the first presidential media chat that the IPOB leader, Kanu, has two passports; the Nigerian and the British passport.

It was also disclosed then that he did not come into the country with any of them. President Buhari thinks Kanu may jump bail if he is released. He also feels it may be difficult for the country to get hold of him afterwards so being in detention seems like the perfect idea.

3. The FG's disobedience of court orders to release him

Nnamdi Kanu has been released several times by the court and has been rearrested. The Federal Government is not ready to let him go despite the court granting his release.

The six-count charges against him is bordering treason thus, the Federal Government is not ready to take any chances. The FG argued that they have not violated the bail in any way as they believe an accused can be rearrested if he is not granted bail for an offence is being arrested for.

The arrest of Justice Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court in Abuja is another clear indication of the unlikely release of Kanu. kanu alleged that Ademola was sacked because he granted bail to KAnu and Dasuki.

4. The upturn of court's decision for a secret trial

Considering the turn of event with Justice John Tsoho who upturned his ruling against FG's application for a secret trial for Kanu, this release may never happen any time soon. In line with this, IPOB wrote a petition against Tsoho who ruled against judicial oath.

The petition stated that Kanu was ambushed with an application by the prosecution, seeking the court's endorsement for secret trial of him and the other defendants. Also, journalists were barred from witnessing the trial.

5. The continued clampdown on IPOB members by DSS

The continued clampdown on IPOB members by DSS and other security operatives is a clear indication that this case is a tight one.

With the IPOB leader in detention, the IPOB members are disarmed and will not be able to carry out threats on the nation's peace and unity. The fear of the rising militancy will not make the government release the detained leader.

IPOB has made considerable threats that could result in violence. Holding on to their leader is a way of distabilising the members.

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6. National stability

Holding Nnamdi Kanu in detention may be a way of ensuring national stability. The IPOB members have always wished to be separated from the country.

Releasing the leader of this group may trigger further plans to achieve this. The implication of letting them get away with this is the fragmentation that may ensue from this.

It will be the beginning of turbulence and the unity of Nigeria as a nation is threatened. The fear of Kanu distabilising the government may not stimulate his prompt release as a lot is at stake.

One of the charges levelled against him includes treason. Releasing this IPOB leader may destroy the Buhari led-administration as the detained leader claims to know secrets about this government.

Those in administration are perturbed that he would cause them a lot of trouble as soon as he is released.

The video below shows Kanu's lawyer who voiced out after a court session:

Source: Naija.ng

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