Top 10 lemon hacks you need to know

Top 10 lemon hacks you need to know

Did you know that the lemon, besides ascorbic acid, is rich also with vitamins B, P, A, and E? We don't know much about lemons. For example, how it is possible to use them, except use in food and drinks? Read the most popular lemon life hacks.

Lemon hacks for house

Top 10 lemon hacks you need to know

Lemon hacks for house

• Lemon pepper. This is a spicy mix with black pepper, salt, garlic, onions, turmeric, and a dried peel of a lemon. It is used for cooking of various dishes and is especially good to the fish and meat fried on a grill. It is possible to make lemon pepper in house conditions.

• Lemon sugar. Many people love tea and cocktails with lemon. There is a new recipe for them: to grate a dried peel of a lemon, put in a plastic container and to fill up with granulated sugar. Lemon sugar is used also for cooking of various cocktails.

• Lemon olive oil. If you want to give to usual olive oil a pleasant light aroma of a lemon, take the following advice. Cut a dried peel of a lemon and place it in the tank with oil. Let it infuse within 2 weeks (from time to time, the tank needs to stir up). After that, you should filter the oil through a strainer, pour into a bottle and use for cooking of dishes.

• Cleaner. You can also get fine cleaning remedy of lemons. The dried peel of lemons and vinegar will be necessary for its cooking. Lemon crusts need to be put in the bank. Fill it in with vinegar, close a cover and to leave for 2 weeks. In 14 days, filter the turned-out tincture, and dilute it with water. Then it is possible to start cleaning.

• Bleach. The lemon has the natural bleaching properties. To give to white cotton things fresher look and to get rid of some types of spots (for example, rusts), you can add little lemon acid to the washing machine.

• Cleaning of a microwave. This life hack is already familiar to many hostesses. Take the bowl intended for cooking in the microwave oven, fill it half with water, add several drops of lemon juice and send to a microwave for 3-5 minutes to the maximum power. Water boils away. On walls of an oven condensate, which then needs to be wiped with a towel, is formed. Together with it, dirt will also disappear.

• The exterminator of an unpleasant smell from a chopping board and the fridge. Onions, fish, garlic – smells from these and other products are very caustic and are absorbed for a long time on a chopping board and inside the fridge, especially, if the board is wooden. It is possible to get rid of unpleasant smells, having rubbed a board with a lemon’s half.

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Lemon hacks for skin

Top 10 lemon hacks you need to know

Lemon hacks for skin

The lemon is useful to any kind of skin, but mainly it is used for elimination of fat content from the face, fight against pigmentation, heat-spots, and other shortcomings. For gentle skin, it is desirable to add softening components to remedies with lemon juice, for example, honey or vegetable oils. The lemon has very wide range of cosmetic properties, which are caused by the rich structure of a citrus. Juice of such product contains components, which:

• Provide careful purification, stimulate cell renewal, and considerably improve color and texture of the face,

• Calm the inflamed skin, heal wounds, and various damages, remove inflammations,

• Promote active cell renewal, arranges production of elastin and collagen,

• Remove the pollutions, strengthen a protective barrier of skin, calm and restore the withering face,

• Soften effect of acids helps not to injure even thin or sensitive skin,

• Eliminate esthetic defects, dry heat-spots, remove black points,

• Is irreplaceable for owners of problem skin,

• Soften, smoothen and improve skin, return the natural shine and beautiful equal tone,

• Improve penetration of oxygen into cells, normalize a metabolism and give plentiful nutrition to a face,

• Provide reliable protection against external irritants, calm the inflamed skin, and eliminate reddening,

• Ascorbic acid acts in the form of the most powerful natural antioxidant, it limits harmful influence of ultraviolet and normalizes natural production of elastin and collagen,

• Rejuvenate, eliminate age and mimic wrinkles, tighten and fine-tune your skin.

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lemon hack

Top 10 lemon hacks you need to know

You will be able to receive all this set of useful substances if you use lemon juice in the cosmetic purposes. It will be very good to supplement this citrus with other handy substances. It is especially convenient to do it when preparing house masks. Honey, eggs, low-fat dairy products are considered as ideal cosmetic ‘partners’.

Try to use any lemon hack of the following methods to look better:

• Lemon scrub. Lemons are rich in alpha, beta, and hydroxyl acids, which help to get rid of the horny cells of the skin. Besides, lemons help to struggle with acne, pigmentation and other problems on skin. The scrubs cooked on the basis of lemons are the excellent refreshing and clearing remedies. In a Network, there is a set of recipes. You can choose the one, which will suit your type of skin.

• Cleaning and bleaching of nails. Manicurists recommend a simple recipe for the care of nails: to squeeze out the juice of a half of a lemon to warm water and to dip the fingertips for 3-5 minutes. After that, grease the nail plates with a dried lemon peel.

• Lemon tonic. A lemon is a fine tonic. The cleanser cooked on its basis will clear, disinfect, and refresh skin. As a rule, the lemon tonic is made of mineral water and honey.


As you see, there are many alternative methods of using this fruit. It can be used not only in a way habitual to us. It also helps with a set of the problems connected with a household. Remedies based on a lemon perfectly clear any surface that makes this fruit irreplaceable not only in the culinary area. Try it and you won’t be disappointed!


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