Top 10 illuminati members in Kenya

Top 10 illuminati members in Kenya

Do you think Illuminati rule the world? Do the members of this surreptitious society know all the world top-secrets? Many people on the planet believe that Illuminati members list includes all the powerful people. Kenya is not an exception. Continue reading to get to know top 10 Illuminati members in Kenya.

Illuminati members in Kenya

Illuminati have deeply rooted on the African continent. The members of this society perfectly realize that church plays a crucial role in Africa. Many experts say that their primary goal was to oppose obscurantism and superstition while spreading religious influence over public life in Africa. As a result, many Kenyan priests have immediately become the leading Illuminati pastors.

The most interesting thing is that such pastors suddenly started to pocket huge sums of money. Their banking accounts began to grow rapidly. They became owners of expensive mansions and luxury cars. Has their God given them such wealth? God cannot do so, while Illuminati can.

Top 10 Illuminati members in Kenya

Many prominent Kenyan politicians, singers, artists, actors are considered the Illuminati members. However, there is no clear evidence of their belonging to its secret group. It is often some patchy information that has been mostly collected from rumors.

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Moreover, Illuminati South African pastors are also on our list of the most prominent Illuminati members in Kenya. Therefore, today we offer you a list of top ten Illuminati members in Kenya.

1. Thomas Wahome

Thomas Wahome

Thomas Wahome is the head of famous and notorious Helicopter of Christ Church. Many Kenyans are sure that he is one of the most influential Illuminati members in Africa. He is said to take huge sums of cash from his followers for granting access to God’s Book of Life. People say that Illuminati told him to do so. He is also one of the richest Illuminati pastors.

2. Eric Omondi Ongao

Eric Omondi Ongao

Eric Omondi one of the most famous artists and comedians in Africa. He works in Kenya. Eric Omondi is a graduate of Daystar University. He is rumored to be one of the youngest Illuminati people in Kenya.

3. Victor Adeniji

Victor Adeniji

Victor Adeniji is the boss of the important church Winners Chapel Nairobi. Many people believe that this house of God was built to worship Illuminati, but not in honor of Jesus Christ. The top part of this fascinating church prompts the pyramid head signifying freemasonry. The Church Chapel is a real memorial for Illuminati. Victor Adeniji also belongs to Freemasons.

4. Raila Amolo Odinga

Raila Amolo Odinga

The followers call Raila Amolo Odinga – Agwambo. It can be translated a mysterious person. He is one of the most prominent politicians in this African country. From 2008 to 2013, he was the Prime Minister of Kenya. Now you understand why many people consider him the Illuminati member.

5. Michael Njoroge

Michael Njoroge

Pastor Michael Njoroge owns Fire Gospel Ministry. This man is told to join the Illuminati Group long before he became a great priest. Since that time, his role in Kenyan Illuminati Order has become very significant.

6. Emmy Kosgei

Emmy Kosgei

Emmy Kosgei is one of the most prominent Gospel singers in Kenya and Africa. She is often included in Kenyan Illuminati member list.

7. Victor Kanyari

Victor Kanyari

Prophet Victor Kanyari is the owner of a church that seemingly heals people. It is titled Salvation Healing Ministry. According to researches of Illuminati movement in Africa, he is one of its leading members. This forecaster has quickly become incredibly rich.

8. James Maina Ng’ang’a

James Maina Ng’ang’a

Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a is the boss of the prominent Neno Evangelism Centre in Kenya. He is supposed to join Illuminati when he served his sentence in Shimo la Tewa jail in Mombasa. Everything that is connected with this Illuminati pastor is shrouded in mystery.

9. Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko is a very famous woman in Kenya. She is a well-known radio presenter from the most popular radio station in Nairobi – “Kiss 100 FM”. Owing to her immense popularity in Kenya, people became calling her the leading member of Illuminati Group.

10. Gilbert Deya

Gilbert Deya

Bishop Gilbert Deya is a prominent Kenyan evangelist. He presently lives in Great Britain. By the way, this Illuminati pastor is fugitive wanted by the Government of Kenya. His organization is titled “Gilbert Deya Ministries”. According to their advertisement, Gilbert Deya`s power of prayer must help infertile women to become pregnant.

Now you know certain people in Kenya who are the members of “the Kingdom of power and money”. They also believe that they are the elite that rules this world. Of course, there are much more Illuminati members in Kenya. Many of them just do not want to make public their belonging to this mysterious group.

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