10 richest musicians in Nigeria and their worth

10 richest musicians in Nigeria and their worth

Today on the Nigerian musical stage, there are several successful and talented performers. Let's understand who of them is the richest. The richest musicians in Nigeria also are the most popular. They have thousands of admirers, ready to give everything to see their idols. Let's look at the rating of the most popular celebrities of the music world in Nigeria, and compare their creative and financial achievements. The first whom we will compare are P-Square and Omawumi.

Our task is to see the level of activity and acquisition (such as private property, vehicles, etc.) and popularity, the level of professionalism, own capital, success, and also public recognition. These richest musicians in Nigeria have won the hearts of many admirers. Of course, many people discuss their salary, but we will use the best efforts to find the most exact information. On the Internet, there are a lot of gossips which give users false information about the capital of stars. Contemporaries who aren't talented as popular stars seek to reach the same that P-Square and Omawumi have reached recently. However, it is very difficult to achieve it because the duet has a huge talent capable of fascinating many admirers. So let’s get acquainted with the biography of the richest African musicians – Forbes.

richest musicians in Nigeria and their worth

10 richest musicians in Nigeria and their worth


Two brothers Okoye started their musical career in 1999. Their first album was released in 2007. Today the given album is one of the most sold group albums. In general, they have sold more than 8 million copies of record around the world. Within only one year, the duet sold more than 14 million copies of this album. Their tours became a big source of the income for two brothers. First, the duet has received about 2 million Nairas for a show. However, their popularity grows, and show cost gradually increases from year to year. Now they receive about 15 million Nairas for a show (up to 75 000 dollars). It makes two brothers the richest among Nigerian musicians.

Some awards got by musicians are not only pleasant. They are also sources of the income of musicians. The duet has got a number of musical awards, which has made the duet rich. They received the first cash bonus in 2006 and continue to receive it still.

• 2006 brought to the duet a set of awards. This year their album had the name of the album of the year. Also, they had awards for the best video and the best music of R&B genre, which were called Hip Hop World Awards 2006. The same year they received an award from NMA,

• In 2007, the group was entitled the best musical duet again,

• 2008 brought to musicians an award from MTV Africa,

• In 2009 MTV Africa calls singers the best duet of the year again,

• The turning point in the life of group was receiving the award KORA, which has made the duet one of the richest musical projects in Nigeria. This award has brought them 1 million dollars,

• In 2015, collective from MTV Africa as the Honorable actor of decade gets an award again.

One more source of the income of the group is contracts.

• In 2010, the team became one of the ambassadors for Globalcom company,

• 2011 and 2012 brought to musicians two more contracts with Konvict Muzik.

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10 richest musicians in Nigeria

10 richest musicians in Nigeria and their worth

The capital is also a considerable indicator of the wealth of many musicians. Now brothers own the real estate in Nigeria and abroad. At first, they have bought the house for 2 million dollars in Lagos. Expensive place, a process of construction and specially developed design have taken away a lot of money from musicians.

Recently brothers have two houses in Atlanta. The cost of each house makes about 450 million Nairas. Thanks to such high price, the P-Square duet can be considered as one of the richest musical families in Nigeria.

There is no wonder why Okoye are so popular. They are two twins who have improbable charisma and supplement each other. They have a long time of practice that has made them professionals in the business.

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richest musicians in Nigeria and their worth

10 richest musicians in Nigeria and their worth


This singer can make the big competition for men in the field of the musical industry. She can be called the richest female musician in Nigeria. The girl became the famous and favorite singer and the actress in Nigeria. In four years (2010-2014) she acted in several movies. She writes and sings the songs.

The genre, in which Omawumi writes the songs, is Afro-Beat. It is the characteristic style for the girl. However, as it has appeared, initially music wasn't a main objective of Omawumi. Initially, the girl wanted to connect her life with legal activity. She has gained the diploma of the lawyer in 2005. Her career of the musician began in 2007 after participation in the Idol show.

The singer has released the first album in 2009, which was called the Wonderful Woman. Several years later, she pleased admirers with a new album, which she released in 2014. Besides musical career, Musial Omawumi takes the active part in various social projects. She works with various organizations, which try to prevent the cybercrimes made by young Nigerians. And she is also one of the ambassadors of the Globacon brand, which also brings her the multimillion incomes (25 million Nairas). Also, the singer is an owner of a set of awards.

• In 2009, she received the first award of Hip Hop World Awards,

• In 2010, the singer specifically arrived in New York to get the award of Nigerian Entertainment in category 'The best RnB musician'. Also, she has got an award for the best female musical video,

• Critics also described her as the outstanding recording musical performer in London,

• In 2014, Omawumi was nominated for a rank of the best female musician in ELOY Awards.

For several years, the singer receives the large sums of money – 5 million Nairas for a show. The singer could buy ML 350 Mercedes worth 12.5 million Nairas. And she also has the house, worth about 100 million Nairas.

Omawumi has made a big way to popularity and has quickly achieved her objectives. Her social status shows it. She heads lists of the richest and most successful women in Nigeria.

As you see, man and woman musicians don't compete, they supplement each other. In this, they go on an equal basis, and the salary practically doesn't differ. Their level of popularity and the income are very high.

Now let's look at the rating of the richest musicians in Africa.

10 richest african musicians and their worth

10 richest musicians in Nigeria and their worth

Richest musician in Nigeria and their worth

• P Square’s net worth is over 120 million dollars,

• Don Jazzy’s net worth is 35 million dollars,

• Flavour’s net worth makes 30 million dollars,

• D’Banj’s net worth is 29 million dollars,

• 2Face’s net worth is 25 million dollars,

• Davido’s net worth is 15 million dollars,

• Iyanya’s – 14 million dollars,

• Wiz Kid’s net worth makes 12 million dollars,

• Banky W’s net worth is 10 million dollars,

• Timaya gets 5 million dollars.


As you see, the net worth of the famous musicians of Nigeria is huge. However, their talent is measured not only with money but also with their ability to create something beautiful and give it to the public.

Source: Naija.ng

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