Pastors in illuminati, who are they?

Pastors in illuminati, who are they?

Are Illuminati pastors true? Why would these people join secret organizations? Let’s try to learn about the names of prophets who allegedly joined the clan and consider the evidences proving their membership.

Pastors in illuminati

From the old times this term was the name for those who belong to secret organizations. These are clans, clandestine or covert ones, connected with mysticism and other various inexplicable things. In the majority of cases, cult members are part of some religious and political organizations, oppressing local government representatives. These groups can be either allowed ones or forbidden. Their aim is to create new society with new government, order and rules contrary to those which are currently valid.

Are illuminati pastors in Africa? To be informed, follow the list of the most clandestine prophets who allegedly joined this organization and decide whether the information is true.

Names of pastors in illuminati

Pastors in illuminati, who are

Prophet Owuor – Illuminati

Is Prophet Owuor Illuminati? Maybe, yes. This pastor is a well-known figure of the Kenya region, still regardless of his current extreme popularity, some time ago there wasn’t any sign of his acceptance and recognition. What is suspicious about him, his clothing and behavior? He tends to wear white clothes and has not been noticed taking donations from charity organizations. How can all this be true? We are sure that it can.

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He has a natural gift – theomancy: this power he can predict various natural phenomena and cataclysms. This fact influences masses of people, and they call him a mason.

Prophet Illuminati

Prophet Owuor

What about pastors from other African countries, do they exist? Be sure that illuminati pastors are in Ghana, Uganda and around the world, but they don't display their activity. Make them confess, and we will learn more famous names of illuminati members. How to join the illuminati?

T.B. Joshua

Pastors Nigeria

T.B. Joshua

New pastor in illuminati revealed! A famous prophet adored by thousands of people in Africa, T. B. Joshua is believed to be a cult representative. We are aware of numerous nondirect appeals indicating his cult organization membership.

What is his official position, job, lifetime occupation? He is a general overseer of the Synagogue, Church of all Nations. He is a vivid example of personality which isn’t ready just to sit down, sink into despair doing nothing. Although he wasn’t given the chance to finish his studies at school, he didn’t give up. What did he do instead? Owuor took up many unpleasant jobs: washing legs at the streets or working at the farm. What does he do now? He is one of Nigerian Charity Church Foundations representatives. According to Forbes assessments, he was awarded an honorable title of the third world’s richest pastor. Don’t be envious!

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