How long does ovulation last?

How long does ovulation last?

How long does ovulation last

How long does ovulation last?

Literally every month each woman's body, at childbearing age, of course, must have ovulation. But how long does ovulation last each month? You’ll find out in this article.

So one of the existing ova becomes fully mature and thus becomes completely prepared for its subsequent fertilization. And, actually, in the same moment, follicular bag explodes, freeing ovum completely for its further ‘swimming’ in the woman’s body. The egg goes directly into the peritoneal cavity. Here it is waiting for the healthiest nimble sperm that actually will be able to merge with it for the full birth of a whole new life.

The above process of complete release of the egg from the follicle is the ovulation process. And you can certainly guess that, in general, it does not last for a long time, some even believe that this is just a moment or only a few seconds. Well, some can even talk about a few minutes of ovulation.

How long does ovulation last in a month?

ovulation lasts

How long does ovulation last?

After all, in fact, the rupture of the follicle can really happen at any moment, and during any of the ‘ovulatory’ days. However, in that moment, when the follicle has burst, fully releasing the egg, you can say with certainty that ovulation has already taken place that means we can say that this process lasts a very short period of time. But prior to this point, and the next time after ovulation process can be generally called the female ovulatory period, the whole duration of which is, as you know, individual. It may differ significantly.

And, of course, it is very important to understand that a sharp break of a totally mature follicle can contribute to luteinizing hormone, the overall level of which is found in absolutely all the women. It rises sharply every time just before the onset of ovulation and is very closely connected with it. Thus the sharp increase of the concentration of luteinizing hormone in the female blood or urine primarily shows the approaching of ovulation.

approaching of ovulation

How long does ovulation last?

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Actually, all reagents are based on this. They are parts of the routine tests to determine your ovulation, that in general, only respond to the presence of a sharp increase in the concentration of luteinizing hormone. But the whole process of follicle maturation and to the already mature egg normally takes about 16 and up to 32 hours. A lot of the women have learned to sense the output of the already mature egg.

So a lot of the women (according to their own feelings) can not only clearly define during what day they have a full ovulation, but even ovary, where it has happened. And, of course, among these signs of the onset of a full-fledged ovulation the clearest one, perhaps, can be called a rather sharp occurrence of cramping pain in the abdomen, as well as a sharp increase of vaginal discharge that will be followed by further increasing of the sex drive.

ovulation lasts 15 days

How long does ovulation last?

Women also should know that after the full ovulation the egg can live for between 12 and up to 48 hours, saving its natural physiological capacity to full fertilization. A lot of medical sources usually indicate only the daily (24 hours) life of the most important reproductive cell in the body of a woman.

And here, for example, the male sperm is always more tenacious, and will be able to fully use all their main physiological functions even after a few days after sexual intercourse, and sometimes even after a whole week. Actually, that's why, speaking about the most favorable time frame for conceiving a baby, experienced gynecologists have in mind the same period, which starts in just a few days before the full-fledged women's ovulation and ending just a few days after it.

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How long does ovulation last?

And as you know, the correct definition of the onset of full-time female ovulation has a great importance for all those happy couples who want to have kids and plan their subsequent pregnancies. And for the woman, this process or rather the presence of this process, in general, is one of the main indicators of her reproductive health.

Recall that the full ovulation starts immediately after puberty and then passes over the whole future life of this lady, and it occurs to the very long as the woman enters the so-called menopause. And as you know, at the time of the current pregnancy maturation of eggs does not happen at all, during this time it is completely blocked, and it is also fully recovered already during the very first year after the normal delivery.

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How long does ovulation last?

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In addition, it is important to remember that regular ovulation can primarily mean absolutely normal gynecological state of women's health. So normally during one year, only a few so-called anovulatory menstrual cycles may appear. It means that the full maturation of the egg does not occur.

It also occasionally happens that during the course of just one full menstrual cycle, ovulation can occur twice. And the ovulation process can also be quite capricious, and it, in general, depends on a whole variety of different internal and external factors much.

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How long does ovulation last?

The full onset of ovulation depends on the general state of health of the woman, her emotional and physical health, and state, as well as bad habits of a woman, taking any medicines and so on. How long does ovulation last after a period? It should also be remembered that the average full ovulation should happen exactly in the middle of the female menstrual cycle - and it is usually 12 or 15 days from the start date of your last menstrual period.

It is possible to determine the onset of a full ovulation yourself. Knowing the certain duration of ovulation, as well as all the days, when your ovulatory period starts will significantly increase the chances to get a successful conception of your future kid.

How to determine ovulation?

How to determine ovulation

How long does ovulation last?

A lot of women cannot feel ovulation. Some, on the contrary, are able to determine the release of the mature ovum. What you should pay attention to:

• increase of the vaginal discharge, their structure changes (before the ovulation the discharge becomes more abundant, viscous, stretching, resembling the form of egg white);

• the emergence of the cramping pain in the abdomen in the mid-cycle;

• a sharp jump in sex drive (the female body is configured to search a partner for reproduction).

The pain and discharge during the ovulation are absolutely individual. For most women, the process is not generally associated with pain.

The most accurate result is given by a special ultrasound study. If you have a regular cycle, you can use ovulation tests (available at pharmacies) or the method of measuring the basal temperature. Just before ovulation and during it the temperature drops a bit (there is a so-called retraction of ovulation), and the next day after ovulation it rises again. If you take measurements accurately and carefully take notes, then due to the temperature you see how long the ovulation lasts.

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How long does ovulation last?

And in case if your ovulating regularly does not want ‘to come’ for some reason, and it happens during the last several full menstrual cycles and even a few consecutive cycles, unfortunately, in this case, doctors can talk about existing violations in the full functioning of the reproductive system of the lady in general.

And then, alas, without the qualified help of experienced professionals getting pregnant on your own will fail. Therefore, having the smallest suspicion of any disorders of your reproductive system you need to consult your doctor who will conduct all the necessary researches and will be able to help you.

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