How to prevent toilet infection?

How to prevent toilet infection?

How to prevent toilet infection?

How to prevent toilet infection?

What are the ways to prevent toilet infection? Where can one get it and how to get rid of this infection once it was transmitted to you? Here is everything you need to know.

It is a good thing if you don’t know what a toilet infection truly is. However, given the great number of women asking what toilet is all about online, we realised that this is a great concern for many people.

Also, if you had no previous experience with this infection this information might be of great value to you, as knowing the causes of toilet infection as well as realising how to treat toilet infection naturally can be excellent knowledge which value you cannot overestimate.

What is toilet infection?

The medical term of this infection is the yeast infection. It has received its name as a result of the fact that most women claimed they started experiencing these uncomfortable complications after they used a public toilet. In fact, most women claim that this is the place this infection comes from.

However, scholars state that this is not the cause. But we'll talk about it a bit later after we explain what symptoms of toilet infection there are and how you identify that what you experience is the result of the toilet infection.

prevent toilet infection

How to prevent toilet infection?

Symptoms of toilet infection

After studying many cases of yeast infection, scholars came to a conclusion that the most symptoms of the toilet infection are:

- Itching

- Bad odor

- Discomfort in the vaginal area.

Most women find this disease embarrassing as the itching causes them to get into an awkward position. Meanwhile, bad odour is not merely a discomfort but also prevents intimacy.

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To understand how to prevent toilet infection, one needs to know what causes it to avoid situations in which he gets it.

Toilet infection causes

If putting this whole concept in one word, we would say that this infection is caused by bacteria. As you know, we all have two types of bacteria in our body. The first one is good, and it helps our body to work properly. Meanwhile, we all have bad bacteria in our body.

Infections happen when the balance between good and harmful bacteria occur. In the case of the yeast infection, once the good bacteria stop controlling the bad ones, bacteria known as Gardnerella vaginitis overgrow the bad ones, and as a result, women’s bodies develop this condition.

Unfortunately, scholars cannot explain all the process yet; however, they say that the chances of getting toilet infection are higher during pregnancy, use of IUD, smoking, changing sexual partners, and taking showers too often.

ways to prevent toilet infection

How to prevent toilet infection?

One should realise that in reality he cannot get this infection from using a public toilet, swimming pool, bedding used by other people before as well as other things in public use.

Another thing to bear in mind is that if not treated this infection can lead to miscarriage in case you are a pregnant woman, or other infection which appear after you give birth. Moreover, this infection makes your body more vulnerable and decreases your immune system. That’s why diseases transmitted during the intercourse are more likely to stick.

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Among other factors which can stimulate toilet infection are antibiotics which ruin your immune system, as well as diabetes, hormonal changes occurring for different reasons, or special pills women take.

Meanwhile, doctors claim that taking a shower too often can lead to the same problem. Bear in mind that artificial chemicals in the products you use for washing the clothes or other things in the house are dangerous here too. Toilet infection cannot be transmitted sexually.

So, if you don’t know how to treat toilet infection naturally and don’t feel like developing such a condition, make sure to familiarise yourself with the prevention tips we are about to present.

toilet infection

How to prevent toilet infection?

How to prevent toilet infection

Here is a list of things one can do to avoid the development of this condition.

1. It’s important to be careful not to transmit the bacteria from the canal analysis to the vaginal opening. For this, one should pay attention to the procedure of wiping after going to the bathroom.

2. Try only wearing natural fabric. The problem is that synthetic material can hold the heat in and keep the intimate zones moisture whenever the weather is rather hot. Therefore, if you have any underwear made out of nylon or things like it, put it aside and opt for natural fabric.

3. Avoid changing sexual partners. Without knowing the proper background of a person you are going to sleep with, you cannot be 100% sure they won’t cause you any troubles.

4. Changes fast once you get too hot. Clothes in which you got sweaty can serve as an environment in which bacteria can multiply quickly.

5. Avoid using deodorant pads or tampons, as they contain artificial components which can lead to developing such conditions.

preventing toilet infection

How to prevent toilet infection?

6. Don’t take a shower too frequently. If you like you need a shower, just wash the areas you got sweaty at. The thing is that frequent application of shower gel can cause the bacteria misbalance and vaginitis as a result.

7. Try eating more yoghurts or kefir. They contain components which can help you prevent this condition.

8. A healthy diet can be a good start, as thanks to it proper amount of nutrients which stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria to get into your body. This should also be backed up with sports and other healthy physical activities.

9. Proper personal hygiene. This sounds like just common sense; however, it is essential to the idea of prevention of infections of this kind.

All in all, toilet infection is a difficult disease to have. Women experience discomfort and suffer from that a lot. That is why knowing what it is, what causes toilet infection and realising ways to prevent it can be of great value to you.


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