Opinion: Nigeria must thread carefully in Gambia

Opinion: Nigeria must thread carefully in Gambia

Editor’s note: The refusal of Yahya Jammeh to step down as the president of Gambia necessitated the deployment of troops by ECOWAS member state.

In this opinion by Alaibi Nnana, he argues that the effect of a military action in Gambia will not end well for anyone and wondered why Nigeria can afford to deploy troops while battling insurgency.

ECOWAS, look before you leap!

ECOWAS should thread on the surface of Gambia softly. The idea of force has led to decadence of a lot of countries, military might will only bring loss of lives and unnecessary evacuation of innocent civilians, thereby causing unpronounced death.

Opinion: Nigeria must thread carefully in Gambia

Yahya Jammeh refused to step down

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Yahya Abdul Aziz jemus jekung Jammeh is not an easy man, with his influence in causing gay rights abolished, and child marriages may not odour well with international communities, because they can use ECOWAS to destroy Gambia because of his stance against Homosexuality.

As for Nigeria sending there troops and other ECOWAS states, you should know the situation of your country before taking innocent army men to take their lives, you are suffering security challenges and then you want to create peace somewhere else it shows recklessness and ideal thought.

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Nigerians must wake to the call of this unwarranted show off, and let government stand on their toe. It’s totally out of place and unwarranted. Imagine Senegal that can't solve its problems had sent troops already in the Gambia,

Jammeh is not easy as they thought, he seized power at the age of 29, he overthrew a government, since then he has ruled Gambia, 1994. Buhari is only making Nigeria unsafe the more and he should watch it.

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