Why Buhari must honour court judgement on Nnamdi Kanu's trial

Why Buhari must honour court judgement on Nnamdi Kanu's trial

Editor's note: Ofoegbu Chigemezu, the NAIJ.com partner blogger, explains why President Muhammadu Buhari must honour court judgement on Nnamdi Kanu's trial, address unjustifiable killing by the headmen.

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And he said Nigeria is a zoo, he could be right. No, that’s not a good thing to say of your country. If Nigeria is a zoo, then who are the animals? – probably you and I. God forbid.

IDP camp

People at IDP camp before and after bombing

That was the director of Radio Biafra broadcasting from London with his high pitched masculine voice and a kind of charisma that could easily seduce his listeners.

“Nigeria is a Zoo – A country of lawlessness” – this he repeats severally in most of his broadcast and then advised his followers to do the same. His name is Nnamdi Kanu; you should know him by now, the man you barely knew 3 years ago. He is commanding millions today and the acclaimed leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

While you may consider him to broadcast hate speech and incite tribal hate among Nigerians, he is big nightmare to the Nigerian system which is due to be restructured or divided – the two unavoidable options.

He is in prison today for what many of his followers consider as Truth. It was evident in the last court hearing where protesters carried placards displaying, “Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies”.

And then, in one of his court hearings on December, he boasted that the presidency cannot jail him – “Buhari does not obey court orders and so cannot jail Nnamdi Kanu”.

Despite the initial ruling by the court to release Nnamdi Kanu last year, he was still detained till this point. Just few days ago, the president had travelled to UK for medical checkup without approval by the senate. When asked, he had replied that the senate already knew. Troops were also deployed to Gambia without the approval of the senate.

And we have a President who does not obey the rule of law, does not obey court orders. Does that make Nigeria lawless? – Maybe yes, maybe no.

And here are the barbaric events of 2016 and 2017. More than 500 Shiite and Biafra protesters were killed by the Nigerian Army and not only were they killed, many were dumped in mass graves. And there was no single person has been arrested in connection to these murders. It’s as if we no longer care for human life. Police killings are on the rise now. Does this make Nigeria a Zoo? – Maybe yes, Maybe no.

Why Buhari must prosecute IDP camp looters

Last year, Bridget Agbahime was killed in Kano for blasphemy. Her head was displayed by her killers who were arrested and released few weeks later.

Fulani Herdsmen have been operating in various parts of the country killing people and razing down houses. Southern Kaduna was a victim earlier this year and not even one person has been arrested and the president had not condemned this evil. It was easy for the police to respond to Biafra protest by killing 11 people than to respond to Southern Kaduna Killing where more than 100 people were killed. This is a wrong priority.

Money meant for hungry IDP was diverted to a man’s pocket and no arrest has been made even while we continue to fight corruption. Suddenly, IDP camp was accidentally bombed.

Does all these and many more make Nigeria a Zoo? These questions are left for you to answer.

Not until we begin to respond to important issues in the right way by doing the right thing in accordance to the rule of law, someone somewhere will continue to consider Nigeria as a Zoo.

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