How to reprint JAMB slip for 2017 UTME?

How to reprint JAMB slip for 2017 UTME?

In this article we will show you easy tips for how to reprint JAMB slips and when you should receive it. You can reprint it within a few minutes and it costs nothing! This Exam Slip has extremely important information about the confirmation of your actual exam date and venue of your Jamb exam.

JAMB slip

How to reprint JAMB slip for 2017 UTME?

April 2017 Jamb news

JAMB test

How to reprint JAMB slip for 2017 UTME?

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According to the popular sources, all candidates were expected to reprint their registration slips to know the details of their exam as from April 25th, 2017. That was yesterday.

There was an extension of the registration deadline, so it could affect the reprinting of registration slips. All the candidates are waiting for the official Jamb statement. The official site has the following information:

‘Candidates will be advised on when to reprint their UTME 2017 e-Slips. Thank you’

Some Nigerian candidates, who have already registered for the 2017 UTME, have been given an exact date to reprint their all registration slips so they can know their exam centre, time and also the date the candidates would take their examination.

The exact date to reprint all registration slips is always indicated on every candidates’ registration printout. A lot of people didn’t pay much attention to this.

According to some sources, a lot of candidates got April 25th, 2017 as the date to reprint their registration slips to get further exam details.

This means all the candidates that had already registered received the same date to reprint all their slips.

How can I re-print JAMB exam slip?

JAMB exam slip

How to reprint JAMB slip for 2017 UTME?

Although, JAMB had previously told the candidates that they should reprint the slips on 18th of February. But that does not mean that everyone must reprint it on that given date. You should know that you are able to reprint JAMB slip any day you want between 18th and 28th Feb.

Candidates can also reprint on the indicated day, which is mentioned on the registration slip. It is given to a candidate after the registration for the exam. You have only 10 days to reprint it: so be sure to do it between 18th and 28th Feb.

Remember that the reprinting must be carried out only using a computer system that has an attached printer. If you need to use a mobile phone for reprinting, you should not use Opera Mini on JAMB official website,

It usually costs N100 to print one colored copy. You can photocopy it for N10 later in case you need an extra copy.

Step-by-step guide:

1. First, go to the JAMB website.

2. Take a look at the right corner of the page; there is a bold, green heading with words ‘Re-Print Your Slip’. Then click on it.

3. You should type in your JAMB registration number in the provided space and then click ‘Re-Print’.

4. You will get the information of your exact date your examination including time and venue. These will appear on the slip now.

5. You should click to print the JAMB slip via your printer or just press ‘ctrl’ and then ‘P’ on your keyboard.

JAMB 2017 registration

JAMB 2017 registration

How to reprint JAMB slip for 2017 UTME?

The JAMB portal is always available to assist you. If you face any problems while reprinting, write them a message. Also, note that UTME 2017 registration has not begun yet. You should be aware of this information as they bear no responsibility for any victims of fraudsters. 2017/2018 JAMB registration forms are out, but still, beware of the fraudsters and always check the official website.

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