Nigerians react to Saraki, Dogara visit PMB in London

Nigerians react to Saraki, Dogara visit PMB in London

Nigerians have reacted to the news of lawmakers travelling to the United Kingdom (UK), where they are to meet with President Muhammadu Buhari.

Emerging reports suggest that President Muhammadu Buhari is currently inand the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, at Abuja House in London.

Nigerians react to Saraki, Dogara visit PMB in London

Nigerians react to Saraki, Dogara visit PMB in London

Following the report, Nigerians have taken to social media to share their support and their displeasure of this visit.

Many are still asking the question, why will the president keep answering and call other people, receiving guests, while he has left his people in the dark.

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Ugochukwu Onyedikachukwu Isaac said: "So this is how it will continue? Everyone must go to London to meet Buhari? Is he the president of Nigeria or UK prime minister? like play! Like play e don dey reach one good month buhari travel! Let him come back. If he is from other tribe now all this hausa fulani Imbeciles and blood thirsty demons should have started killing!"

Achigbu Marcel said: "All these politicians have been wasting our tax payers money in the name of going to London to see Buhari. Has PMB become a museum, monument, tourist centre or what?"

Ifenze Pokoson said: "It will be a very big shame out the end if buhari did not come back alive. I don't know where all this men that is lying to us we hide there faces."

Blessing Praise said: "Buhari is hale and hearty.....buhari is neither sick nor in any London hospital but on vacation..... Buhari is not only hale and hearty but chatty.......Pray for buhari.....buhari is waiting for test result.....lbikunle Amosun went to London to visit buhari who's on vacation....... Bola Tinubu and Akande visited buhari...... buhari has extended his vacation indefinitely until his doctors are satisfied with his health.......Trump called buhari and they discussed for 5mins.....Buhari is home sick...

Nigerians react to Saraki, Dogara visit PMB in London

Nigerians react to Saraki, Dogara visit PMB in London

What a country..... So this is the kind of change this APC promised Nigerians?..... Liar Mohammed is a pathological liar....Adesina a seasoned propagandist.... How can these people take the whole Nigerians for a ride in broad day light?..…...We're watching the drama as it unfolds."

Paul Kaigama asked a question saying: "why traveling down to London, if that is the case they should also pay the poor Nigerian masses to also go and see their president in London. i know somebody may ask where would they get the flight fare. they should use the one that the president and his alias are using, because the money is our revenue which they are only using it for their benefit without acknowledging our own case of hardship.

Uwanaka I. Cyriacus Shebi said: all these travel to see Buhari na from our pocket, our tax payer's sweat? These people have no mercy for the suffering Nigerians. See how they are waisting the little money while the majority of us a dying in hunger. Merciless leaders."

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Bolanle Macaulay said: "Of all the people who Nigerians should believe to confirm buhari's state of being, White House press secretary Sean spicer isn't one of them, the dishonesty of the Trump administration and it's disregard for truth has given the administration a bad name, the protest and anger of Americans can be seen daily on all the major news outlets of the world, if all we have as proof of life is the world of the mouth piece for the Trump administration who have been quoted to tell lies constantly, then I can say in all earnest that the Nigerian president is either unconscious or dead."

Doris Enebuse said: Continue flying with our money to London anyhow, God is watching you all as if the fare is hundred naira, corrupt minded people"

Akobundu D Akusobi said: "You people should stop wasting our money because of this buhari's medical in london, how much do you people spend on a trip? Some people are dying bcos no food to eat."

Meek Kerobo said: "I haven't seen a country like this, where their leaders are so unserious, visionless. The only news we hear its president health issues,no body is talking about thousands of people homeless, dying everyday, many are jobless with social vices growing daily, what a country that never was."

Saliz Omorkhogie said: "How does their traveling affect the high prize of goods and services in the country? How does it relieve the perpetual pains and anguish of the common man on the streets?? How does it even reduce the prize of fuel prize. You guys should tell ur something else please. I think we re even better off without a president, than our current state of abject pain and peril. This is not what we hoped to experience. Too bad...."

Smart Snooty Young But Adesina say dat Buhari will soon return, he even say dat he's no confortable in London anymore. Y wasting our tax payer abi una dey hide sometin 4 us???

A Professor of international law and jurisprudence at the University of Lagos, UNILAG, Akin Oyebode, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to speak to Nigerians.

Oyebode argued that if President Buhari could speak with United States President, Donald Trump, he should also speak to the people he left behind in Nigeria.

The Professor spoke following Buhari’s phone conversation with Trump, adding that it had “become more necessary” for the President to speak to Nigerians.

He told reporters in Lagos, “I have seen pictures in the papers and he looks okay, and the wife says pray for him and all that, to assure us that everything is okay.=

“But the pressure is on him now having spoken to Donald Trump.

“The least he can do for us is either to come back quickly or address Nigerians by teleconferencing or Skype or whatever.

“He should address Nigerians that it’s not as bad as you guys think. It will soothe the worried balms in Nigeria.

“If the president can find the time to talk to Donald Trump, then he should be able to talk to us.”


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