Ngozi Ezeonu's biography

Ngozi Ezeonu's biography

Ngozi Ezeonu is a famous and talented actress of Nigeria. She was born on 23th of May in 1965 in Ogbunike, now she is 61 years old. She had a big family in her childhood. Only imagine, 6 children in the family and only one is a girl, others are males!

Ngozi Ezeonu's biography

Ngozi Ezeonu's biography

Before she became an actress she tried herself in such professions as journalist and master of style. Nevertheless, Ngozi Ezeonu’s family was in the first place. Now she is married and she takes pride in being a mother of four children. So, pictures of Ngozi Ezeonu children are below.

Ngozi Ezeonu's children

Ngozi Ezeonu's biography

In 2012, she performed the leading role in Adesuwa, it was a decisive part that helped her to gain an award for the Best actress at the 8th ceremony of granting Films Academy Awards in Africa. Ngozi Ezeonu’s daughter was very proud of her. Besides, it is important to know that The Love Doctor movie, where she had a principal role made her really famous throughout the world.

At first, Zeb Ejiro has represented her to the publicity in Nollywood. And her first role, her debut was in the movie "Nneka the Pretty Serpent." She also confesses to the public, that she has several limitations concerning her activities in movies. First of all, she can’t play naked, play a romantic character, and also a person, who has a bad treatment to children, because Ngozi Ezeonu’s children will not uderstans this way of playing. But indeed she tries to keep the life of her family in secret. Once in an interview, she said:

“Of course, my family isn’t perfect, we also have a lot of conflicts. However a happy family is a family, that can solve all the problems, every member of the family should feel himself in seclusion and of course the main thing in the family is a faith to each other”.

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Ngozi Ezeonu

Ngozi Ezeonu's biography

Sometimes the press shares the information about Ngozi Ezeonu’s daughter, that she has psychological problems, but the actress objects all the reports.

This woman performed in more than one hundred films in Nollywood. It is a short list of the most successful and impressive films with her participation.

1. Glamour Girls

2. Shattered Mirror

3. The Pretty Serpent

4. Tears of a Prince

5. Cry of a Virgin

6. Abuja top Ladies

7. Family Secret

Interesting facts about Ngozi Ezeonu

actress Ngozi Ezeonu

Ngozi Ezeonu's biography

In 2012-2013 Ngozi Ezeonu starts to lose weight tremendously, she was always known as plus-sized woman. It sets the tongues wagging. Therefore it is not a surprise, that her followers start to worry about her health and the press began to spread information that she was very sick. She lost almost fifty percent of her body.

Having heard these gossips, the actress gave an interview, where she has cleared out, that she was always keen to lose weight and she brought herself to it. After a certain period of time, she stopped all the diets, because she started to lose an appetite and doctors said that it was a beginning of Anorexia.

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Thus, we see, that Ngozi Ezeonu is a happy woman and actress, she can combine happy family and successful career. She is loved not only by her family but also by her followers and even critics. She gives a lead how to be smart, magnificent, trendy, how to make public forget about television’s frames and in the same time how to be careful, kind, thoughtful, loving mother of four children.


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