BBC Hausa: Local news in Hausa language

BBC Hausa: Local news in Hausa language

All Hausa speakers in Africa are lucky to enjoy a great portal that provides international news and their analysis in Hausa language - BBC Hausa. BBC is based in the United Kingdom, London and has a high level of credibility. The portal is advocated by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Searching for BBC Hausa news on the Internet, users enter such queries as "bbchausa," "", "", "", "bbc" into Google.

A worthy alternative to this great website is This news portal also offers quality local and worldwide news in Hausa language. The role of these services in political and social development should not be underestimated.

Naij Hausa Nigeria

BBC Hausa Nigeria

Hausa.Naij is also very influential resource in Africa, and it has a very beneficial impact on the society:

  • An educational role for nations and acquisition of moral standards.
  • An informational role for African people.
  • Creation of personal views on current issues.
  • Help with self-identification for Hausa-speaking people.
  • Raising political, social, and economic issues important to the population.
  • High-level local media.

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This service provides news in politics and sports. Moreover, you can read local news, gossips about celebrities and get to know about all spectacular weddings, and all that in Hausa language. The portal uses only trustworthy and verified news sources, so the possibility of fake or incorrect information comes to naught. That is the reason of high level of trust among the African people.

Over 50 thousand devoted Hausa.Naij readers get more than 50 current news every day. The number of website users grows every day together with the quality and number of materials. In the near future, this news portal can become the most popular among Hausa-speaking people in a line with BBC Hausa news.

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