22 countries and what they are BEST at (Nigeria is No 1 in this SURPRISING thing)

22 countries and what they are BEST at (Nigeria is No 1 in this SURPRISING thing)

Each country is good at a lot of things, but usually best at one thing. What is Nigeria best at? Informationisbeautiful.net collated data from a number of sources and came up with this interesting infographic:

What your country is good at

What your country is good at

Let us now take a look at what each country is best at individually:

1. Liuthania has the fastest Wifi

2. Cuba has the best doctors

3. Suriname has the most forests

4. Namibia has the most car crashes

5. South Africa is known for its platinum

6. Chad is ranked highest for healthiest diets

7. Belgium is top for cashless payments

8. Malaysia has the best quality rubber gloves

9. Nigeria has the best scrabble players

10. Brazil has the best sugar

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11. Panama has the best retirement experience

12. Bolivia has teh best Brazil nuts

13. Libya has teh most fat kids

14. Argentina has the best horse meat

15. Madagascar has the best vanilla

16. Estonia has the most start-ups

17. United States receives the most spam emails

18. Sweden has the best pop music

19. Iraq has the most oil wealth

20. India has the best bananas

21. Bostwana has the most diamonds

22. Indonesia is known for its coconuts and so on.

In an interview with The Independent, Mr McCandless who undertook most of the research said it took three weeks of solid work to complete the map, a process that required: "roving news articles, rifling big databanks (UN, World Bank, CIA World Factbook) and doing specific Google searches."

“Where there were multiple options for some countries, we chose the most interesting or entertaining possibility - and kept the alternatives in the datasheet.

"We tried to have really good quality sources for each entry. But we bent our own 'information is beautiful' rules a little to include the occasional lower quality secondary source just to try to hit our goal and finding something for every country. It’s meant as a light-hearted graphic," he said.

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McCandless also said he found some surprises in his research. He said: "One anomaly was Bolivia being ranked as the best for Brazil Nuts.

"I also think it’s great that many great African nations like Uganda, Rwanda Zambia are hitting the leaderboards for business and enterpreneurism, and female representation in parliaments."

About a year ago, Nigeria recorded another milestone in the world of sports as a 36-year-old Nigerian scrabble player, Wellington Jighere, won the World Scrabble Championship held in Perth, Australia.

Jighere defeated Lewis Mackay, 30, from Cambridge, England, in the final round of the competition after many heated rounds of competition to become the new world Scrabble champion.

The Delta state born player won the final game with 448 points to Mackay's 426. Among the words used in the final were Gainlier, avouched and guiro.

Watch a video about Nigerians here:

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