Nigerians react to Apostle Suleman's extramarital affairs accusation

Nigerians react to Apostle Suleman's extramarital affairs accusation

Nigerians have reacted to the accusations of extramarital affairs by a woman who claims to be Apostle Johnson Suleman's 'fiancee'.

X reactions to Apostle Suleman's scandal

Stephanie Otobo claims to have been in a romantic relationship with Apostle Johnson Suleman

Nigerians woke up on Monday, March 6, 2017, to the news that controversial preacher and founder of the Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, was being sued by a lady who claims to have been engaged to him at some point.

According to the lady identified as Stephanie Otobo, her romance with Apostle Suleman, was one which she thought would have led to marriage since he had met her family members and even engaged her.

She also claims to have gotten pregnant for him at some point, after he had told her he wanted more sons.

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Nigerians have since reacted to the allegations, and while some support the accuser Stephanie, others are of the opinion that Apostle Suleman is just being unjustly accused.

See mixed reactions below:

Chibunna Okafor ThankGod: "The kingdom of darkness have released their agents to mess up the name of those causing havoc in their kingdom. Worry not Papa because many are the affliction of the righteous but the Lord delivers them from them all. Everything works together for good for those who love God."

Yemi Pierce Lanny Lanny: "Now that some people are ready to die because of their man of God, now those that are member of this man in his church would argue this to the limit, but whatever is hidden before man is very clear before Almighty God."

Ogundele Ajoke Adebiyi: "You are only looking for attention, that all.Aunty we have seen you.clap for yourself because your own ashawo get is blackmailing you end up doing abi.Aunty you don't have shame at all. You people should be very careful with what you are saying o.because sometime ago that's the way i heard a rumour that pastor Ibiyeomie is sleeping with iyabo ojo.haba diaris God o.continue"

Isiaka Olasunkanmi Rasaq: "Who are these fools? Why are you defending him while the acclaimed offender has not defended himself? Nobody is perfect. He can even do what is worst than this. Just trust yourself and never trust any human being with flesh. Apostle Suleiman might have done the worst before now. U never can trust anybody. Pastors impregnate married church members. Alfas do impregnate people in the mosque. To me, Sulaiman can do it. Let him defend himself."

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Emmanuel Egejuru: "I'm sure it's a setup. The mouthpiece of the Christians in the north. They want to shut him up. So that the fulanis will continue their massacre. Pls they should try something else."

Bubaraye Ovuru: "You can't blackmail my Friend, my mentor, my Apostle, my spiritual, father, my God sent Prophet to the entire world, a hater of immorality, fornication and adultery,a preacher of truth and righteousness, What a pity to you Stephanie Otobo, You have so deceived to end your life by yourself including your sponsored lawyer's. What a pity."

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Ibeabuchi Obinna C: "Fake story. The man of God knows what is at stake, so he can never bring himself so low. I pity for this lady because curse is hanging on your head. Repent and confess your sin."

Tony Nnaemeka Okoro: "The girl might be saying the truth. A random girl can't come up to accuse a random man of impregnating her. The chances that pastor Suleman had extra-marital affairs with the lady are high."

Aimua Aig: "It's too early to call it fake news if the girl does not bring out her evidence then it's "fake if she does then it's not fake men of God are also exposed to temptations."

Oba Helen: "In my personal opinion I am not buying this looks too cooked up and several loopholes.. She said he went to her family with drinks so where are those family members .why are they not raising alarm to the defence of their daughter.. For someone like Apostle Suleman I don't think for he to ask the lady to terminate her pregnancy he had to resort to asking her to drink concoctions when he can as well pay for an abortion for her in a very good hospital with enough client n doctor confidentiality.. I know men of God are human beings prone to mistakes cos d flesh might be weak and I am not easily moved by the Holier than thou attitude of most men of God but on this story I ain't buying it one bit."

Meanwhile Apostle Suleman has reacted to the accusations, claiming that he was never in a relationship with Stephanie Otobo.

A statement signed by Phrank Shaibu, the communications manager to the controversial prophet said, Suleman never promised to marry Stephanie at any point in time.

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