How soldiers fighting Boko Haram are allegedly being maltreated by Army

How soldiers fighting Boko Haram are allegedly being maltreated by Army

Editor’s note: There is no doubt that Boko Haram insurgents have killed many Nigerians and rendered several others homeless in the North-east part of Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari has however, vowed to rout the dreaded insurgents since he assumed office on May 29, 2015.

In this article, a Facebook user, narrates how he and others soldiers fighting Boko Haram insurgents in Maiduguri are be maltreated by their commandants.

We soldiers in not North-eastern part of Nigeria, especially in Kumche, our commander used our operations allowance to buy cow. We are entitled of monthly allowance but we are not being paid.

We have no food to eat, soldiers fighting Boko Haram cry out

Some soldiers fighting Boko Haram in Maiduguri

Army spokesman should open his office in Kumche, so that he could stop saying that we have never spent one year Maiduguri. Some of us have spent five, four or three years fighting for our dear country.

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Please Nigeria should help us to send message to Mr President that we Soldier in Gulumba eat once in a day. Why? If the army could not cater for us in Maiduguri, then we want to go back to our home so that another should come and have a taste of our experience.

Our prayer is that God punish these so-called commanders because they don’t want this Boko Haram to end. They lie every time. Our morale is down. We are not happy with our generals.

We want to use this time to tell Nigeria that Nigeria Army is not feeding us in Maiduguri Kumche.

The former Army spokesman said that Army didn’t have Buhari’s O’level results, now this new spokesman said that we never spent one year in Maiduguri. Can you imagine that?

How soldiers fighting Boko Haram are allegedly being maltreated by Army

We also want to welcome our president welcome back home. He should know that soldiers wives’ vote for him. He should help the soldiers in north east.

Please help us the Kumche 152bn use our money operation allowance to buy cow. We never get our operations allowance. Why did they have to use our money to buy cow.

Is it fair that Nigeria government is feeding us while we are fighting dreaded Boko Haram?

Presently, they have changed our soldiers who came back from Liberia and Sudan. They are far better than us, let them come to Maiduguri. They pay them very well. We are due to go back to our barracks, let another set come. If it is Sudan, they would have changed us for long time now.

Last time we received a letter of withdrawals but nothing has been done. We use our salaries to buy food for ourselves. We have many soldiers in Nigeria Army. Why is rotation not part of the moral of Army force?

The truth of the matter is that the President should come to the bush and ask soldiers how they are being treated and part of the questions he should ask us should include: How many years you spent? Soldiers sleep in the bush, officer sleep in air-conditioned apartments.

Let them tell our commander to pay us our money if the feeding money is not ok, let them talk to government because they distort it from our allowance.

And they are still interested in this N10.000 they are giving to us, let them give us our money we are not interested in eating eat meat now. If they can’t feed us, we have many things to do with money.

Our commander in 152 bn banky addressed us that we were going to feed ourselves because things are too costly. Why?

We are begging the federal government, how can we be feeding ourselves in Maiduguri, Kumche?

We were once told that the soldiers coming from Sudan would replace us in Maiduguri, but till now, nothing has been done, yet we are being maltreated.

Why did they refuse to change us in Maiduguri, Kumche?

How soldiers fighting Boko Haram are allegedly being maltreated by Army

Nigeria army lacks synchronization. Why? They usually deploy soldiers to a particular place and abandon them.

They need to organize Quick Reaction Force (Q R F) or constant patrols. You can imagine how they abandon soldiers for a post without movement, that's why Boko Haram insurgents have that space to move around.

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Let them provide patrol and QRF. The Boko Haram terrorists are not stable. So, how would this killing stop when soldiers are not motivated? Now Maiduguri has become where commanders come and make money. Maiduguri has indeed become their ATM machine.

They use soldiers for money and nobody cares to know the number of soldiers who are on this war front. We are fighting Boko Haram without morale boosting.

Today is too bad for soldiers in Kumche Maiduguri. There is no food to eat, everybody has resorted to drinking garri. If they are not going to feed us again, we ready to go back.

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