Confession: "My Wife Is A Whore"

Confession: "My Wife Is A Whore"

I caught my wife of 4 years having an affair with her co-worker. It was only after she began to stop sleeping with me and disappearing at night that I became suspicious.

I asked her time and time again what was going on. She always replied “NOTHING”. She began blaming fatigue and medical reason for her lack of sex drive. I know the signs of an affair. So I began having an affair with a young lady I always had a crush on for years.

It was incredible sex along with the fact I was fulfilling a fantasy I always had for her. She was willing to do what i wanted to do sexually, did things to me that I never had done to me before and had a body that what put my wife’s to shame. So now we are both having affairs simultaneously. I knew she was but she had no idea I was.

Sex didn't exist no more between us(me & my wife). She (wife) even began sleeping on the couch when she came in late night after being with him so she could text him all night (later she confirmed it). So me and my friend decide to do it real BIG and get a room for the weekend. She would stay all weekend and allow me to come back and forth from home to her as i pleased (She knew i didn't do overnights). After all she knew I was married but not happily.

When we get to the front desk of the hotel I gave the desk clerk my last name. The front desk clerk asked me if i wanted the same room I had last weekend? HUH? I tell her I didn't stay there last weekend in fact this is my first time there. She proceeds to show me my wife info from the weekend before. I was stunned, shocked and embarrassed as I stood there.

I proceeded to stay the weekend and do what i originally planned to do. I told myself its time to confront her it went long enough besides my side piece was getting really attached to me and even offered to pay for my divorce if i wanted one. I asked my wife to meet me for lunch she agreed. I began by telling her I had an affair first so she would feel slighted to tell me about her actions. I was right.

She began by telling lies at first and then it followed by the truth. She told me it was a guy she worked with and that it was just sex. I wasn't hurt but more shocked once I learned more details about the affair. We both agreed to stop and work on our marriage. There's one problem they both still work together. I asked her what was she going to do about that she assured me “It was over”. I didn't believe her at all. She was having an affair with him for about 9 months. You just don't stop suddenly, especially when you are the one paying for hotel rooms. I was right. I went through her phone one day and discovered it wasn't over.

We had a huge fight and she confessed that it wasn't over and that they were having sex at their work place. I was furious, after all I had ended my affair and me and my wife began sleeping together. So if she's having sex with him and me whose getting it more or are we getting it the same time (I found out later she was having sex with us on the same day and was washing up at work before she came home to be with me).

I married a whore and didn't know it. I began seeing another woman I met sometime back. This new young lady spoils me to death, is loaded, beautiful and knows my situation and offered to pay for my divorce as well. Me and my wife are fighting and arguing everyday until she comes home and tells the gentleman had been fired for messing with another co-worker in the same bathroom they would get it on in. I don't believe her plus I don't wanna leave my new love. It feels great when I'm with her and i want for nothing.

My wife goes through my phone and discovers my new love interest. I'm not even trying to hide it. So once again I cut off a potential winner to resume life with loser I married. I decide to call her job one day and ask for the gentleman. To my surprise he still works there. We begin to converse about the woman we have been sharing. He answers every question . He thought me and her were separated. Once he learned we weren't he gave up all the goods. How they never wore protection, had a threesome, she bought him jewelry, she wanted to have his baby and they were still conversing on the regular but hadn't been intimate in weeks. WOOOOOOW was all i could say. Now she wants to love/be with me AGAIN because he learned what kind of liar she was and has cut her off. Oh she lost that job as well.


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