How to delete MMM global account?

How to delete MMM global account?

MMM global community and the site of the financial pyramid of Sergei Mavrodi MMM in Nigeria by the end of 2016 overtook the popularity of legendary Facebook. This data was proved by ranking of top websites in Nigeria. The MMM site is in the fifth place according to the attendance, second only to Google services and Yahoo search engine. Facebook is located in sixth place.

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How to delete MMM global account?

However, now a lot of Nigerians understood that MMM scheme is very dangerous. So even those who once have decided to register on MMM now want to delete their account.

So how to delete MMM global account?

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How to delete MMM global account?

If you heard MMM latest news and have already decided to forget about MMM scam, then you need this step-by-step guide.

  1. First, delete all your bank details and also all requests to provide help (there should be no transactions or pending orders)
  2. Log into your MMM PO (Personal office)
  3. Find Support and click on it, then click on CREATE and open a ticket
  6. Write your message: Tell your experience or personal story
  7. Then browse: Upload the needed relevant document of screenshot (only if it is necessary)
  8. Click Save to submit your ticket.

The reason why you should delete your MMM account

MMM Mavrodi

How to delete MMM global account?

MMM appeared in Nigeria in January last year. The authorities of the country urge residents not to invest money in the financial pyramid, but in vain: its popularity is growing. In the future, the authorities want to achieve a ban on the activities of MMM on the territory of the state.

In this case, the Nigerian division of the MMM actively spends money on various PR campaigns. For example, in November 2016, Sergei Mavrodi's organization donated humanitarian aid to two refugee camps for a total amount of 5 million nairas.

MMM fraud

How to delete MMM global account?

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Earlier it was reported that MMM was deployed in China. As Financial Times has written, in order to become a new member of MMM, it was necessary to buy bitcoins. Then they should be sent to other participants of the network as ‘mutual assistance’. The scheme offered a monthly income of 30%, as well as bonuses for attracting new customers or posting recommendations on the Web.

Our citizens are familiar with the name of Mavrodi, but he continues the pyramidal construction. In our history, there are already six or seven of his pyramids. Nigerians should be very careful.

The active work of financial pyramids is a sad page in the history of the world. This is indeed an absolute socio-economic evil. Harm is inflicted on the state and ordinary citizens, experts say.

MMM lies

How to delete MMM global account?

‘There are certain signs of the activity of financial pyramids. There is a classical understanding of the pyramid when illegal activities are carried out to attract funds and property of citizens, in which the payment of income or other benefits to persons, who has entered earlier, is carried out at the expense of newly attracted persons. At the same time, there is no investment activity, or it is carried out in disparate volumes. Some immediately say that this organization is a financial pyramid and declares that the invested funds may not be returned to citizens, ‘the manager of the Federal Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Investors and Shareholders says. Scammers are very inventive people, he adds.

‘The fraud can be expressed in any form, and any legend can be invented to actively take money from citizens, therefore one should be very cautious about making certain economic decisions and understand that all responsibility in the framework of the made decisions lies on the person,’ Safiulin said.

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How to delete MMM global account?

If you still thinking whether to join MMM community or not and ‘is MMM a scam’, we will tell you – yes! MMM is a scam and a very dangerous fraud. If you have already joined it, now you know how to delete your account. And we advise you to do it as soon as possible.

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