Peer to peer donation in Nigeria 2017

Peer to peer donation in Nigeria 2017

What do you know about peer to peer donation in Nigeria? Here is the list of latest Ponzi schemes in Nigeria 2017.

Peer to peer donation in Nigeria

Peer to peer donation means that having registered on the peer to peer donation platform you can make and receive donations.

See peer to peer donation sites in Nigeria:

  • Twinkas

The company has originated from the United Arab Emirates. Its main advantages are installed SSL certificate and online live chat support.

Such options make this service one of the most trustworthy and decent for choosing.

The procedure is the following: after getting of a payment done by two persons which are accountable to you, you will be excluded from the Payment Scheme, but in 3 days period you will get an opportunity for unlimited registration there.

  • Ultimate Cycler

The first step to get welcome to this networking business in Nigeria is to make a donation of N12.500 to a fellow peer who in his turn will approve the fact that you have made a donation.

Ultimate cycler

After this, other 4 already registered members will pay you back the sum which you have donated to them, it means that you will get about N50.000. If you have lack of time you may speed up the process by inviting your friends to join the network – they may be those four people who promote your profit of N50.000.

  • Givers forum

It is one of the latest Ponzi schemes in Nigeria. Despite that fact that this online networking business in Nigeria was registered in 2016, now it has occupied a position in the rating of top 5 best and most popular Ponzi schemes.

Say NO to Ponzi schemes

The main aim of this system is to exchange donations between those who need money and those who can give their money to other people.

  • Icharity

It is considered to be one of the most reliable platforms for peer to peer donations because you don’t have to make the donation of money through central system or server. Members provide each other with money without any other people or networks.

  • Crowd Rising

Such a scheme is relatively new. Donations are sent directly from one member to another avoiding administrators or automated systems. Such a service will be suitable for Schools, Clubs, Charities and Churches.

  • NNN Nigeria

Such a scheme appeared just after the crash of MMM Nigeria. The main benefit of this company is that it promises 35% of bonus on your investment, whereas MMM Nigeria offered just 30%.

Paradise Payment Nigeria
  • Paradise Payment Nigeria

Having joined this platform the management promises that you will able to earn up to N150.000 just for a few days. For a start you need to have only N3000.

How a Ponzi Scheme works
  • Global Cash Nigeria

You are allowed to join the club with the donation of N18.500. In one year time it is possible to make a profit of N3 million.

And, finally, MMM


Currently, Sergey Mavrodi has found a new goal for his money making facilities – Nigeria. He has chosen such a country because of bad economic situation which drives people to get involved in financial experiments. Central Bank of Nigeria representative - Isaac Okoroafor warned the citizens about the danger to invest money to any institutions that are not licensed by the Nigerian authorities, especially, MMM. But Nigerians do not trust the warnings: the network has launched a war between the defenders and opponents of MMM. Some appeal to the fact that the networking business managed to collapse in all other countries, and this is a direct reason not to trust this company, others offer to award Sergey Mavrodi Nobel prize for achievements in the fight against poverty.

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Financial pyramid "MMM" in Nigeria has become more popular than Facebook

Count your money

At the end of December in 2016, the Website of the financial pyramid of Mavrodi Mondial Movement ("MMM") in Nigeria has become more popular than social network Facebook.

It is noted that in the end of December 2016, the site "MMM" inferior in popularity only to the search systems Google and Yahoo! Social network Facebook ranked sixth in the number of users.

Internet is full of photos of a married couple from the Yoruba state in Nigeria, which placed MMM logo on their wedding cake: according to the couple, they managed to pay for the occasion by the earned in MMM money.

MMM Logo on a wedding cake

MMM new rules

Now participants are requested not to invest money in a financial institution, but to help each other: after registration they get access to personal account, where there are two links: "Help" and "Get help". First you need to HELP some people, and you need to do so within 36 hours, otherwise the access to the personal account will be blocked. Minimum donation is $10, a member receives for them 1 Mavro. The money is sent to a specific person who needs help. The more aid, more bigger are your savings, because the rate of Mavro is growing every week. MMM promises to pay up to 30% of profit per month plus some bonus - $20, $30, $50 or $100, depending on the invested amount of money.


Two weeks after donation, the participant can press the button "Get help", consequently he will get the money from others, mostly new participants. Bonuses are also given for posted online video with a call to join MMM: 5% of the amount of invested money if the video has your face, and 3% if there is no face. Inviting friends, you can earn interest from their investments, as well as interest from investments of those whom they invited.

Hope you have found the given information useful. Always remember that donating to any peer-to-peer donation site you should think about all the consequences your actions may lead to. To invest your money to these platforms and schemes or not is your own decision and responsibility.

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