Lace aso ebi styles

Lace aso ebi styles

African lace aso ebi styles became trendy all over the world today. No doubts, it is one of the most “juicy” and vivid phenomenon in modern fashion trends.

Lace aso ebi styles

Nigerian lace aso ebi drapery

It is characterized by natural light drapery of bright color palette: red, yellow, bronze, brown, blue, orange and others. As for materials Nigerian tailors use silk, flax, velvet, cotton and original leather. Beads, embroidery and other tiny nuances make better aso ebi styles.

Except of light textile women dresses are adorned with luxurious lace and velvet which make Nigerian ladies even more elegant.

Lace aso ebi beauties

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The aso ebi cut

Concerning the patterns of clothing, it is made in the shape of a mermaid or fish. Thus, each gown has got an accented waist with the help of a corset and a skin-tight shirt to knee level with a bell-bottomed “fish tail”. It should be mentioned that such dresses make every fashionable woman elegant, stylish and trendy. That is why nollywood actresses aspire to put on lace styles and to glam up and amaze all their fans. However, the most popular among stars is gold lace aso ebi styles that highlight the beauty of stars so well. Some coquettes prefer to wear a white lace aso ebi styles dress that is also rather exquisite and elegant.

Lace aso ebi fresh styles

Lace styles accessories

It is important also to mention about accessories which are inseparable from lace and velvet aso ebi styles. Almost every lady in the gown of aso ebi has got also wooden or metal bijouterie, feather decorations or adornment made from animal canines and claws, shawls and turbans. Speaking about shoes which are well-combined with Nigerian lace aso ebi, no doubts, it is hand-made open-toe sandals.

What makes aso ebi styles so popular?

Nigerian flavor;

• beautiful dress cut;

• splendid colors;

• combination of light drapery with velvet, leather and other fabrics;

• national and unique accessories.

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