Ankara jacket styles

Ankara jacket styles

Looking for something special? Let me guess. – Ankara jacket styles. Here you will see latest Ankara jacket styles.

Ankara jacket styles

Ankara fabric is among the most popular materials in the whole Africa. It can even out-weight the importance and popularity of such famous fabrics: aso oke, batik, dashiki, kitenge, kente.

Suppose that you may not know all the meanings of such materials and their suitability for jackets or other parts of your daily clothing.

Among them, Ankara fabrics occupies the leading positions as Ankara fashion is extremely popular. Nowadays Ankara styles are very colourful, they are differentiated by lots of patterns and designs.

Ankara jacket styles BEST

Check the latest Ankara jacket styles:


Ankara jacket styles BOMBER
Ankara jacket styles BOMBER 2

The first type of Ankara jackets which we would like to offer you is BOMBER jackets. It can transform every look and make it really extraordinary and remarkable.


Ankara jacket styles BLAZER

The next type of Ankara styles is – blazer-shaped Ankara jacket. It is so elegant – a collar, bright colours, chic belt. Such combination is absolutely striking.


Ankara jacket styles COAT

It differs from blazer-top by the length and much voluminous collar that completely transforms your look.

Wax print jacket

Ankara jacket styles WAX

Another option for elegant women with self-respect and gracefulness.

Crop jacket

Ankara jacket styles CROP

It is a shorter form of common jacket or bomber, means that you can wear it with trainers even for athletics.

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Long sleeveless jacket

Ankara jacket styles LONG

Such longline Ankara styles jacket is a must have trend of this season as due to its size and length, it makes you look slimmer.

Dottie Ankara jacket

Ankara jacket styles DOTTS

Such type of jackets is made of dotted material. What’s more, it doesn’t have any zips or buttons.

So, now you see that there is a wide range of Ankara jackets. All of them are beautiful and fashionable, so you are to choose the one which will suit you most of all.

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