Manufacturing companies in Lagos

Manufacturing companies in Lagos

Just imagine: in 2014 Nigeria became the leading manufacturer of petrol in Africa outrunning the Republic of South Africa with a GDP. Everything about the other profitable branches of production in Nigeria you will find in this article.

Lagos in 2016

Manufacturing companies in Lagos

Lagos is a huge industrial seaport city located at the south-west of Nigeria and it is a state. More than a half of Nigerian manufacture is concentrated there. It should be mentioned that various plants and factories provide local citizens with working places and permanent salary. There are: steelmakers, metallurgic plants, steel rolling mills and several pulp and paper mills, pharmaceutic factories etc.

At the end of 1980’s it has been established a petrochemical manufacture based on a petroleum refinery and one more nitrogen fertilizer plant that had been partially sponsored by the USA. There are also assembly plants which are occupied with imported vehicle parts and accessories in Lagos. Except of above-stated plants and factories there are many others, for instance, plastic manufacturing companies and carton manufacturing companies.

building company

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List of manufacturing companies in Lagos

Let’s enumerate the most profitable and successful companies of Lagos. So, the top manufacturing companies are the ones which produce:

  • tires;
  • dairy products;
  • antibiotics, anesthetics, analgesics, anti-malaria, vitamins and multi-vitamins;
  • pharmaceutic, chemical, health and nutritional products;
  • building materials;
  • consumer products like soap, detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceutic and confectionery;
  • cement;
  • beverage;
  • coffee;
  • food.

Food manufacturing companies in Lagos

Horticulture is a profitable branch of state economics. Owing to the hot and wet climate people can harvest twice a year. Coffee, tobacco, nuts and cola are cultivated and then sent to domestic market. Cotton, palm oil, peanuts and rubber plants are exported or used at internal market. But cocoa beans are for export only.

manufacturing area in Lagos

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