How to make Egyptian milk?

How to make Egyptian milk?

Do you know any Egyptian milk bath recipes? Read and see how to make Egyptian milk, Egyptian milk ingredients and Egyptian milk bleaching cream components.

How to make Egyptian milk

Egyptian milk bath has became really famous after historians and archaeologists have proved that this procedure was number one in Cleopatra beauty arsenal. Milk bath is known as a rejuvenating procedure since ancient times. Special popularity brought her great Queen of Egypt Cleopatra who took milk baths on a daily basis.

How to make Egyptian milk ingredients

It is known that for milk baths Queen used the milk of a young donkey. However, beauticians say: there is no difference what milk you have - cow or goat milk, it is both great.

What is the usefulness of such a procedure?

Egyptian milk bath improves blood circulation, skin metabolism, opens pores, on the one hand washing away all the dirt and greasy deposits, and on the other hand, providing deeper absorption of biologically active substances gained from milk.

Egyptian milk?

Milk is enriched with vitamins A and E, this way it refreshes the skin, nourishes it, making the skin elastic and beautiful. Vitamin B helps in getting rid of wrinkles. In addition, the fat and milk protein, perfectly moisturize skin, preventing it from dehydration. It is therefore considered that milk bath is especially useful for those who have dry and sensitive skin.

Egyptian milk skin bleaching

Egyptian milk kamana

If you want to lighten your skin, then the best cream containing Egyptian milk, will be Kamana Egyptian milk cream. It is one of the best ways of bleaching your skin with natural ingredients.

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Egyptian milk ingredients:

Egyptian milk bath recipes have multiple versions. The most popular milk bath recipe is the following:

Egyptian milk bath
  • 1-1,5 l of milk should be warmed (but in no case you shouldn't boil it);
  • add 2-3 tbsp of honey;
  • mix and pour it into the tub filled with warm water.
Egyptian milk recipe

It is important that the water in the milk bath should not be too hot (in this case, some of the nutrients contained in milk and honey will lose their activity), but at the same time it needn't be overly cold, in cooler temperatures the nutrients penetrate into the skin much weaker, because the pores are narrow. Perfect temperature for milk bath is 37-39 degrees.

How to make Egyptian milk - recipe

Besides honey, you can add other useful ingredients: for example, 2 cups of uncooked rolled oats, herbal teas of chamomile, sage and calendula, which are very useful for oily and sensitive skin.

How to make Egyptian milk - recipe
  • The optimal time of the procedure is 20-25 minutes. After bath you can use neutral soap or foam cleanser.
  • An important condition – choose the milk, pay attention that it should be fresh, not boiled and not sterilized. The optimal fat content – 3,2%.

So, now you are aware of the best Egyptian milk recipes and know how to make real Egyptian milk bath.

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