How to make asun?

How to make asun?

Are you crazy about a barbecue and looking forward to a good occasion? Do not waste your time and make a real feast to please your soul and stomach – prepare national Nigerian dish Asun! Follow the easy tips below and you will never forget this marvelous taste!

Asun recipe

Asun is a special dish that is made of goat meat seasoned with spices. So how to make it properly and not to spoil the meat and - that is worse - the mood of hungry relatives? Everything is no more than a hiccup!


So, you will need to have:

  • 1 – 1.5 kg of good quality fresh goat meat;
  • black pepper;
  • 1 onion;
  • salt;
  • oil;
  • green and red bell peppers;
  • a few of stock cubes and high spirits of a chef.
Tips how to make asun

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  • First of all, wash a dry the meat.
  • Then cut it to equal pieces. Pay attention that authentic Asun is made only with meat with the goat skin. It is a really crucial issue.
  • Put the meat into a bowl and start making marinade.
  • For the marinade mix a few pinches of salt with black pepper. Mix it well and rub the meat thoroughly.
  • Wrap the bowl with a piece of food film and put it to the refrigerator for an hour or more.
  • Cut the onion into four pieces.
  • When the meat is marinated well remove it from the fridge and put on the oven. Pour water to cover just the level of the meat pieces and onion. Extra water in the bowl will spoil the taste. Moisture has to evaporate when the meat gets ready.
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  • When the meat is well done you should add salt and pepper to taste. Do not forget to remove the stewed onion pieces from the bowl.
  • Add the heat and let all the rest liquid to vanish too. But do not let the stock of goat meat disappear because it’s flavor of the dish.
  • Then put almost done meat on the grill till it gets browned. It will take approximately half an hour or even less. Do not forget to turn the sides of meat from time to time.
  • When Asun is being grilled you have some time prepare some vegetables. Clean and cut a couple of green and red bell peppers. Put them in the bowl, add some oil and a bit of the meat stock to rich flavor. If you like thyme – put some thyme to enrich the aroma.
  • It is high time to add the grilled goat meat to the bowl of vegetables. Mix it well and let get saturated for a while stirring constantly.
  • Asun is ready! If you want to get even more delicious dish you can serve it with some cottage cheese. It will enrich and harmonize all the flavors.

So, this recipe is easy enough, nothing extraordinary. Just nutritious, wholesome and yummy ingredients which are available practically everywhere. Try it and you will see. Bon appétit!

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