Kiss Daniel's biography

Kiss Daniel's biography

What do you know about Kiss Daniel ? How old is Kiss Daniel? What is Kiss Daniel's latest song? Keep reading to learn many interesting facts.

Kiss Daniel's biography

Kiss Daniel's full name or name given to him by his parents is - Anidugbe Oluwatobiloba Daniel.

What is Kiss Daniel's occupation?

He is supposed to be one of the most popular and one of the most recognized Nigerian entertainers, singers, recording artists and a stars of performance.

How old is Kiss Daniel?

Kiss Daniel age often disturbs a great number of his fans, they wonder if he is really so young, but the talented. Kiss Daniel was born on the 1st of May in 1994, so now he is only 22 years old.

Kiss Daniel background

Kiss Daniel AND DAVIDO

Kiss Daniel and Davido

His native state in Nigeria is Ogun state. To say a few words about his education, he holds a diploma of Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta. He studied Water Engineering.

While studying in the University he took a decision to become involved in music.

Kiss Daniel music career was encouraged and supported by his father, so it was much easier to become famous and respected. In 2013 he joined G-Worldwide Entertainment CEO record label.

Kiss Daniel

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Among Kiss Daniel's songs, the most famous are believed to be:

  • Shoye;
  • Woju;
  • Laye;
  • Good Time;
  • Mama.

After releasing an original version of song called Woju, he made a remix variant with participation of Tiwa Savage and Davido. Both of these variants occupied the first two positions in the top list of the most popular songs.

Kiss Daniel's biography AND LIFE

New Era album

His studio album New Era was released on the 14th of May in 2016 with the support of G-Worldwide Entertainment record label. It comprises his most prominent songs, such as: Laye, Good Times, Woju.

Kiss Daniel's latest song is called Mama. It was included in his album New Era.

Kiss Daniel LIFE

Kiss Daniel's cars

Speaking about his cars, Kiss Daniel car now is 2016 Mercedes Benz CLA, it is reported to be worth nearly N16m. WOW!

Get involved in Kiss Daniel breathtaking music as fast as you can.

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