Proven side effects and benefits of garlic

Proven side effects and benefits of garlic

Almost every person knows about the benefits of garlic for strengthening the immune system. However, other useful properties of garlic are less known and the danger of its usage should be revealed as well.

Proven benefits and side effects of garlic

Garlic bulb

Garlic is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the onion family. Its complex bulb consists of many bulblets. For many nations all around the world it is a popular vegetable crop as it has a sharp taste and characteristic smell. Leaves, arrows and stems are also edible and are used mostly in young plants. Thus, only roots and a thin protective husk of this plant are not eaten. All parts of the plant have a characteristic garlic smell.

History of garlic

Pythagoras called garlic the king of spices. In Europe this plant appeared about 5,000 years ago. Garlic was considered the main cure in ancient Greece and Rome. It was boiled in water, combined with other medications and used as a disinfectant and healing remedy. In ancient times it was believed that evil spirits are afraid of garlic odor, so garland with dried garlic was a talisman in many homes.

The ancient Romans were convinced that garlic multiplies strength, invigorates the spirit and cures all illnesses. It was included in the diet of Legionnaires. They used it several times a day - it was believed that garlic increased the courage and bore the contempt of death.

The caloric content of garlic

garlic - benefits and side-effects

Squashed garlic

In 100 grams of raw garlic there are 149 calories. It is characterized by a high level of carbohydrates, making it very nutritious. Usually the product is consumed in moderate doses. Nutritional value per 100 grams:

  • Proteins - 6,4 g;
  • Fats - 0,4 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 31 g;
  • Ashes - 1,5 g;
  • Water - 59 g;
  • Calories - 149 kcal.

What vitamins are contained in garlic?

In the composition of garlic, there is an incredible amount of vitamins and minerals, making it indispensable to the human body.

  • Carotene — saves eyesight, protects the structure of the mucous membranes.
  • Vitamin C — strengthens the immune system, strengthens the body, gives it protection against infections and pathogens.
  • Vitamin R — its deficiency causes weakness of the capillary network, the appearance of red veins on the skin.
  • Vitamins of group B — support the nervous system in norm, struggling with depression and constant low mood.
  • Germanium is a substance which from the diversity of plants contains only garlic. Maintains elasticity of blood vessels, strengthens their walls, prevents varicose of veins.
  • Selenium carries out detoxification of the body, removes residues of heavy metals. Stimulates the regenerative ability of the body, strengthens and revitalizes the nails, skin, hair.
  • Iodine — contributes to normal metabolism of all substances, regulates body temperature. Iodine is extremely important for the prevention of thyroid diseases.

Allicin and garlic

Proven benefits and side effects - garlic

Sliced garlic

Thanks to the content of allicin in garlic this plant has most of its beneficial properties. Allicin is carrying out the following activities in the body:

  • strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • lowers blood pressure;
  • regulates fat composition of blood;
  • prevents the development of thrombosis;
  • affects the quality of glucose absorption;
  • strengthens the protective system of the body;
  • normalizes the digestive tract;
  • has antibacterial action;
  • it is a preventive measure against cancerous tumors.

There is a curious fact that allicin does not exist in nature. Allicin is a substance which is synthesized from aliin, which is contained in garlic cloves.

The selenium content in garlic

garlic - treat yourself


Garlic is one of the richest sources of selenium to the human body. Here is a list of beneficial actions that selenium performs in our body:

  • Provides protection against infections (fights flu viruses, hepatitis, herpes, etc.) A huge plus of selenium that it is able to keep HIV dormant, not allowing it to transform into AIDS.
  • Protects from cancer diseases.
  • Reduces the toxic effects of many heavy metals.
  • Involved in the synthesis of thyroid hormones.
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system, reduces oxygen starvation of tissues of the heart, prevents the risk of ventricular fibrillation.
  • Improves male potency.
  • Facilitates the process of child bearing for women, reduces symptoms of toxicity, reduces the risk of premature birth.

The lack of this element adversely affects the whole organism. It can be serious manifestations, such as atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cataract, cardiovascular diseases.

Useful properties of garlic

Proven benefits of garlic

Garlic cloves

The presence of sulfur is especially important because sulfur-containing substances have amazing properties. Scientists count more than 100 sulfur-containing garlic components. It is the sulfides provide garlic juice with force in the fight against staphylococcus, dysentery and typhoid, countless pathogenic fungi and yeast. Garlic is used best to "glue" the loose molecules of the poison, until they managed to influence the human body. Garlic is so strong that the molecules of the venom are inert, passive, and the body rejects and removes them.

Researchers from Pennsylvania have discovered another amazing property of this plant - its components can inhibit the synthesis of nitrosamines, which are widely known as notorious carcinogens. In addition, garlic products contain fairly decent amounts of selenium and other substances from the group of antioxidants.

The latest protect DNA molecules from free radicals and other chemical aggressors attack, preventing the emergence of mutations in proto-oncogenes. So garlic bulb should be recognized as anti-cancer agent - this is evidenced by data from epidemiological studies. In countries where fresh garlic is a traditional component of national cuisine, the frequency of cancer is lower in comparison with those countries where garlic is not listed among the favourite.

Scientists from the U.S. National cancer Institute data found garlic and onion effective not only to prevent colds but also heart diseases and high cholesterol in the blood.

Natural remedy - garlic

Garlic intake clears the throat and voice, and it is useful for pulmonary asthma, forgetfulness, partial facial paralysis, tremors in most nervous diseases. Garlic works well in diseases of the spleen, accumulation of gases in the pelvis, constipation, ulcers in the lungs, for diseases of the stomach. It is also useful for gums and teeth, especially liver.

Consuming garlic increases the appetite, enhances the secretion of the stomach, liver, intestines, has a diuretic, antihelminthic, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, anti-atherogenic, and analgesic properties.

Due to its medicinal properties garlic is included in all the lists of the most useful products that we use. Its positive effect on the heart, blood vessels, digestive tract and other organ systems is also proven. There are many health recipes based on garlic, including the compound for weight loss.

Garlic preparations in the chemists store, garlic as BAD

garlic in medicines

Garlic in chemists

You can find medicines of garlic in various forms — from oil and tinctures to capsules and tablets.

The use of garlic oil is particularly important in viral diseases and colds. Regular application of the substance normalizes appetite, improves the microflora of the stomach and bowel, suppresses pathogenic bacteria, has positive effect on elasticity of blood vessels and the heart.

All the benefits of garlic can be obtained from natural and pharmaceutic products. Garlic capsules are even more useful because easily destructible substances in them are protected from gastric juice by the walls of the capsule.

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Treatment with garlic: folk remedies and recipes

Considering all the benefits that can bring the garlic to the body, it is consumed regularly not only for treatment of specific diseases but also for their prevention.

Substances contained in garlic interact with the red blood cells, resulting in the release of hydrogen sulfide. This substance relieves tension of blood vessels, increases blood flow. As a result of stimulation blood flow transports oxygen much faster to the organs, decreases blood pressure, the heart load is reduced.

It is clinically proven that garlic supplementation regulates blood clotting and prevents blood clots.

Garlic for cleaning of vessels from cholesterol

cleaning vessels

Regular consumption of garlic reduces bad cholesterol and it becomes the prevention of atherosclerosis. However, keep in mind that this process lasts only a few months from the moment you begin, you should eat garlic every day.

After a couple months the norm of bad cholesterol will be restored. This means that to use the dressing for effective treatment of blood vessels from cholesterol is impossible. With it you can only start the process and quickly cleanse the vessels before another, more serious therapy.

The main method of treatment, as well as the prevention, of plaque is proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Garlic: treatment of pressure and stroke

Garlic contains a substance ajoene, which thins the blood, thereby reducing the risk of thrombosis, reducing the load on the heart and equalizing the pressure.

Blood clots — the primary cause of heart attacks and strokes. Solving the problem of blood clots in the blood vessels, garlic is a great way to prevent these ailments.

Cleaning of vessels: honey, lemon and garlic — recipe

Garlic - what can be better?

Honey, lemon and garlic


  • lemons — 2 pcs;
  • garlic — 2 heads;
  • honey — 1 cup.

Before chopping, remove the peel from lemons. Chop the garlic and lemon with a meat grinder or blender. Choose honey in liquid form, mix with it the rest of the components. Cover the container with a lid, but loosely, or make a few holes, so that the mixture can "breathe".

Take 1 tablespoon daily for a month. Honey-lemon mixture with garlic has an invigorating effect, so beware to take it before going sleeping.

Garlic benefits for the clot curing

The viscosity of blood directly depends on the probability of development of many serious illnesses, such as heart attacks and strokes. The emergence of these diseases in 80-90% occurs due to blood clots.

Garlic accelerates the blood flow, dissolves lime accumulation in the blood vessels and thereby cleans them. Increased blood flow in clean, strong, elastic vessels significantly reduces the risk of blood clots. The ability of garlic is equal to the thinning properties of aspirin. There is nothing better than fresh garlic against thrombosis.

Benefits of garlic tincture

side effects of garlic

Garlic tincture

Garlic tincture has a positive effect on all organs and systems, which allows to call it a real tool for youth and beauty.

  • renews and cleanses the blood;
  • cleans the bone structure, eliminating bones from creaking;
  • cleans the blood vessels in the brain, relieves headache, lowers blood pressure;
  • deeply cleanses the intestines;
  • enhances the protective mechanisms of the body;
  • rejuvenates the body cells;
  • increases muscle and overall tone of the person;
  • puffiness;
  • positive effect on sexual function;
  • strengthens eyesight.

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Antibacterial properties of garlic against influenza, colds, SARS

For flu: mix crushed garlic with natural lime honey in a 1:1 ratio. Consume 1 tablespoon daily at night.

For cold: make inhalation with garlic. Prepare a decoction of chamomile, mint and oregano (3 tbsp of each ingredient). Before the procedure, add to the herbs 3 crushed cloves of garlic. Inhale the steam from the mixture for 10 minutes.

For SARS: the leg wraps will help. Grind cloves of garlic into mush, now spread it on legs, cover with polyethylene, and wear socks. These packs are best to be done before going to bed.

Be the way, men have testified their respect for garlic many decades ago. This plant is able to increase male potency. So, eating it regularly makes a man not only healthy but also active in the sexual plan, which has been repeatedly confirmed in practice.

Negative properties of garlic you should know

Garlic side effects

The popularity of garlic is great. It is worthy of holding the conquered frontiers as it can cope with many illnesses. But it also has disadvantages:

  1. People who are suffering from gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer or gastritis cannot use the garlic, in order not to cause exacerbation of the disease. Also it is not advisable to consume it in cases of anemia, diseases of the genitourinary system hypersensitive.
  2. Fresh garlic or its abstract is contraindicated to people with pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas. Don't eat garlic if you suffer from nephritis and nephrosis (kidney disease). In addition, garlic is harmful in the period of exacerbation of hemorrhoids.
  3. Garlic is contraindicated during the pregnancy, lactation, obesity. There are also some known cases of heart attacks for people who are suffering from atherosclerosis or ischemia. Also, do not abuse tincture of garlic. Garlic is not advisable to use for those who are dieting, as it can cause the appetite.
  4. It is known that the excess of garlic can cause an epileptic seizure. Recent studies have shown that eating garlic may cause headache, confusion and inattention due to the content of toxic substances.

Useful to note: Bad breath after garlic can be successfully neutralized with parsley. Chew a few fresh twigs, and chlorophyll contained in the greens will be the most helpful for your mouth breathe.

Garlic: tips and tricks

In order to choose the best garlic, inspect it and feel firmness of its cloves. They must be elastic, firm and dry. It is better to choose head of medium size with large and clearly separated cloves. In such instances the aroma and flavor is more intensive and enjoyable.

Store garlic at a temperature of 15-20 degrees. That is, the fridge in this case is not needed. Keep garlic in a cool, dark and well-ventilated place.

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