4 things Buhari must do to transform Nigeria into a first world nation

4 things Buhari must do to transform Nigeria into a first world nation

Nigerians are always attacking their president for not doing what they ought to do. It appears everyone knows what the problem of Nigeria is but no one is ready to tackle it.

If you were elected to be the president of Nigeria what would you do, do you think you can do better?

Nigeria is at a crossroad and needs a big change. Many solutions have been proposed to help the country out of its many problems.

How can the president transform Nigeria to a first world nation? NAIJ.com brings you some suggestions.

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1. Education

A lot of change needs to be done in the education sector and the leaders seem to be oblivious to the fact. The education sector needs more qualified teachers. Teachers need to be tested periodically to justify that they are capable of teaching students. A new system needs to be put in place to replace the current which seems not to be working. Primary schools and high schools’ curriculum should accommodate extracurricular activities for pupils at a very young age as this will help discover talents early. Also, heavy investment needs to be made in all levels of education. The Nigerian constitution should be taught to students at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education.

2. Infrastructure

The people need good roads, hospitals, schools, drainage and electricity. The leaders have a responsibility to do this but apparently they feel they are doing Nigerians a favour when they fix roads.

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3. Deal with corruption

Corruption has eaten deep into country that most people now see it as a norm. When Nigerians hear corruption, they think it only affects the politicians and others at the top but it is no so. You can find corruption in schools, churches, market places even when you board a commercial vehicle. Behind the scenes we are all corrupt. To fight corruption, the mindset of Nigerians will need to be changed. Also, the president needs to rule the country with showing favoritism, fight corruption squarely without being selective irrespective of party.

4. Increase export and decrease import

The economy should be diversified. More attention should be paid to the Agricultural, manufacturing, industry, solid minerals and tourism sectors. The emphasis should be more on exports that imports. More commodities should be produced for exports. This way, the value of the naira will appreciate.

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Reforming a nation is not a day’s job. It takes time. So far, the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government has recovered billions of naira in the war against corruption and Boko Haram has largely been defeated but more needs to be done.

Can you name a Nigerian politician who is not corrupt. Watch as Nigerians answer this question in the NAIJ.com video below.

Source: Naija.ng

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