Agbani Darego wedding

Agbani Darego wedding

The surprisingly happy news got around the whole world a couple of days ago: Agbani Darego officially became Mrs. Ishaya Danjuma! Unbelievably! Keep reading to learn more!

wedding of Agbani Darego

As it turned out, Agbani Darego's wedding was kept in a secret. It is known only that a ceremony took place in Morocco. Only 35 guests had been invited to share the glee of the honeymooners.

The newlyweds are: the bride Agbani Darego, a famous model, and Ishaya Danjuma, a very prosperous young man. They are too good for one another!

Agbani Darego makeup

Agbani Darego wedding

Unless the wedding pictures and friends congratulations in the web nobody would have a guess about this merry event. The uploaded photos are just gorgeous. Looking at Agbani we can only fancy how extremely beautiful she was at that special day. So, the bride wore a miraculously elegant and delicately sewn wedding gown that streamed mildly along her body. A long veil harmonized with a backless dress pattern so well, and, importantly, an accurately performed hair-dress made everything even more perfect! A groom was in a beige suit. Love was in the air. What a beautiful couple! Real lovebirds!

A bit of biography

Agbani Darego had to make a long way to reach this long-awaited day. She was born in Nigeria, Abonnema, in a large family. Very early she knew the grief of bereavement when her mother died of cancer. From her childhood Agbani figured the simple truth: one had to work hard to attain goals. Really nobody supported her craving to become a model and to delve in the media. After school leaving she entered the university but could not finish all the courses because of a tense model career.

Gorgeous Agbani Darego

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Modeling career

Being a novice in the modeling world Agbani had got hard times, however, she managed to present herself as a perspective model. A starting point of her career was a participation in ‘M-Net Face of Africa’ where she did not win but amazed the public. After that, various offers started pouring in. Shortly Agbani Darego won the competition ‘Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria’ and became a real star. Well, no wonder that soon A. Darego had been picked to present Nigeria in a more serious competition ‘Miss Universe’ where she was the 7th. It is interesting that she was the only African model who took part in the competition that year.

The worldwide recognition

On November 2001 she became a winner one more time. Now it was even more honorable: ‘Miss World’! For the first time in the history of such competitions an African reached the victory.

As a part of Miss World’s mission Darego traveled a lot visiting all the unknown places and nooks of the planet. She had to quit studying and then preceded it but in a quite different sphere. The Nigerian model decided to be a psychologist and successfully got a degree in the USA. She resides in America now and works very actively in several top modeling companies. Thus, it can be concluded that the career of A. Darego is being worked out the best way. We should hope that her family life will keep up with a professional boost.

Agbani Darego

What can be said more? Congratulations! Let Agbani Darego’s husband love and cherish her eternally! He is a lucky guy to get such a pearl!

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