How to make African salad?

How to make African salad?

Everyone in Nigeria had a grandmother who could make a perfect African Salad. It`s not the main course meal. Abacha or African salad is something you can eat between meals! How to Make African Salad? In this article, you will find all steps to its preparation!

Nigerian Food Recipes!

Nigerian Food Recipes: Abacha salad

You might remember Abacha salad! Every time your parents or grandparents returned from the local market – they returned with eggs, garden leaves and dry fish. They preferred to make something tasty for you, but at the same time easy and quick to make. This tasty dish was African Salad! Today you can try to make it by yourself!

Abacha, Nigerian Salad or African Salad are the same salad you want to make. Still, there are different variations of this salad, but the basis is the same in every variation. It`s usually prepared with cassava. The cassava tubes should be cooked till they are done. After that, it`s needed to slice them with a special grater. This sliced cassava should be put in cold water for one night. On the other day – dry the cassava under the sun.

Another ingredient for African Salad is Ugba. Another name for Ugba is Ukpaka, and it`s made from oil bean seeds. It`s an optional ingredient, but for this recipe, it`s needed. Cook these seeds for several hours and then slice them into pieces. Do not forget to wash them and put aside to prepare your salad.

How to make Nigerian Salad – Ingredients!

How to make Nigerian Salad – Ingredients!

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  1. One teaspoon of Ehu seeds (ground);
  2. Two stock cubes of Knorr or Maggi;
  3. Five tablespoons of crayfish (ground);
  4. Salt to taste;
  5. Dry pepper to taste;
  6. One large onion or two small;
  7. Fish;
  8. Two tablespoons of Potash (powdered);
  9. Two tablespoons of palm oil;
  10. Two cups of Ugba;
  11. Two cups of Abacha.
  12. Nigerian Food Recipes – meat and vegetables to Abacha Salad
  13. Kanda or Ponmo;
  14. Garden egg leaves;
  15. One medium onion;
  16. Garden eggs;
  17. Utazi Leaves;

You can also add some spice with one teaspoon of Ogiri.

Preparations of African Salad

Preparations of African Salad
  1. Prepare Ehu seeds before you start making the salad. It`s the first step in the question how to make Nigerian African Salad! You need to roast and peel Ehu seeds and then grind them with a dry mill;
  2. If you use Kanda, then you need to cook it until it`s done. After that, you will need to cut it into small pieces;
  3. You need to prepare fish before adding it to African Salad. Debone dry fish. If you use stockfish – soak it in water;
  4. Wash and cut all the vegetables into tiny pieces. You can cut them in any form you like. Still, it`s advisable to cut a big onion into very tiny pieces and smaller onions into circles;
  5. Grind pepper and crayfish;
  6. Rinse the Ugba with water;
  7. Soak the Abacha;
  8. When the Abacha is softened put it aside to drain;
  9. Mix one cup of potash and one cup of cold water. Stir this substance well. Now you can be ready to prepare African Dishes.

How to Prepare African Salad? Action Phase!

How to Prepare African Salad? Action Phase!

One of the main ideas of making African dishes is to make sure that every ingredient has its own place. You may try to mix everything in one bowl at once. Still, you will not have a special effect of real African Salad. Therefore, even if it looks like a combination of add plus stir and again add plus stir – these are required steps to make this salad. Just mixing all ingredients together you will not get only a bunch of wasted products - nothing more!

  1. Pour you palm oil into a pot. You will need all the palm oil that you have not to make Abacha dry. After that you can add the water-potash mixture;
  2. You should stir the mixture carefully. Stir the mixture until the oil turns into a yellow paste;
  3. Add diced onions, ugba, crayfish, crushed stock cubes, ground ehu and ground pepper. Stir the mixture carefully.
  4. Add Ogiri and Pomo or Kanda – make sure that the substance is mixed well!
  5. Add Utazi leaves to the salad and salt/pepper to taste. Stir the mixture well. You will not be able to add salt anymore as it can drastically change the taste!
  6. If you like your African Salad warm, then you can transfer it to a stove and heat up a little bit. When you heated it up – you can add eggs and garden eggs leaves and stir again;
  7. If you prefer African Salad cold, then do not transfer it to a stove. You can just add eggs and egg garden leaves;
  8. Now you can serve your African Salad to friends and relatives! The best effect you can get if you eat it with a glass of palm wine!

Make this tasty dish and make you nearest and dearest people happy!

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