IPOB lashes at northern elders

IPOB lashes at northern elders

- IPOB has criticised Tanko Yakassai for speaking against the break-up of the country

- The group said he and other northern elders are afraid to speak the truth

- It insisted it will not be deterred in the agitation for Biafra

The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has lashed out at Tanko Yakassai again over a recent interview h gave where he described those calling for the break-up of the country as irritant.

The Biafra group had swiftly responded to the elder statesman’s statement but has come again to lash at him and the entire northern leadership accusing them of forcing the nation to ransom.

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In a statement signed by Dr. Ikenna Chinaka and Mrs Grace Ukpai, the group said cannot be deterred by northern elements in its agitation to achieve Biafra.

The group said: “We have taken ample time to dwell on the interview granted by Alhaji Tanko Yakassai and we have most sufficiently subjected the said interview to the forensic analysis of sapient extrapolation.

“Our aim is not to ridicule but rather to illuminate the darkest recesses of the unattainable ambitions of the core North in relation to Biafra. Let it be said unequivocally that Yakassai’s statements are inordinately over-ambitious. The points he raised cancelled out each other, so we see it as being ill-thought out, divergent, and outrightly riotous.

“We members of IPOB Worldwide under the leadership and supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu shall in this rebuttal, endeavour to subject Yakassai’s submissions to the utmost intellectual scrutiny, with a view to systematically dismantling his misguided utterances he visited upon unfortunate Nigerians not knowledgeable enough to appreciate the contradictions inherent in his postulates.”

The group accused the north of not saying the truth and that this was responsible for the region’s backwardness.

“We find it a convenient starting point to note that in Biafraland people of Yakassai’s age, in times gone by, are accorded great respect for their characteristic wisdom which comes with age. This elevates such elderly individuals to the rare altitude of ‘sages’. The sapient judgment and effulgent wisdom usually radiated by people of Yakassai’s age command immeasurable respect from all and sundry in the by-gone era of truth and wisdom.

“Unfortunately, this is no longer the case these days as our elders no longer speak the truth or are too terrified to do so for fear of upsetting their paymasters. What we have now are old men without honour nor conscience. Elderly men who shouldn’t be afraid to speak the truth are now afraid to stand up to speak the truth and face the consequences.

“Sufficient to note that we shall not allow ourselves to be drawn into the fray of rants with which Yakassai corrupted the interview he granted. Such use of avoidable gutter language like his reference to ‘irritants’, have most shamefully grounded and graded him among the street urchins, scallywags and rapscallions of the North, despite his age.

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“We earlier observed that the entire landscape of his interview was riddled with self-contradictions. We now shall proceed to deploy our fine tooth comb in sifting out the chaff from the grain.”

“The question might then be asked, what is Kanu and his followers saying? Our answer is very simple. In view of the decadent values, collapsed infrastructure, visionless, massively corrosive, endemically corrupt, retrogressive and directionless leadership prevalent in Nigeria today; where destructive tribalism, ethnic jingoism, religious extremism, uncaged state sponsored marauding terrorists in Fulani herdsmen prowling the land freely, unending terror campaign by Nigerian Army, Police against innocent law abiding citizens, weak compromised judiciary, ever depreciating and sinking currency, overwhelming and galloping inflation, poverty and frustration induced suicides of citizens, we are poised to restore our nation Biafra, which Yakassai correctly identified as holding the economic salvation of the entire Africa in the next fifty to a hundred years. That is what “Kanu and his friends” are saying. What problem does Elder Yakassai have with this noble ambition, the right of which he affirmed exists in us.”

Source: Naija.ng

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