What makes you proud of being a Nigerian? These answers will AMAZE you

What makes you proud of being a Nigerian? These answers will AMAZE you

- Nigerians were recently asked on a NAIJ.com poll about the things they are proud of as Nigerians

- Some of the responses gotten would leave you stunned

Nigerians have gone through a lot in the past couple of months. From the agitation caused with the absence of President Muhammadu Buhari to the unrest created by insurgency and other major problems, Nigerians have learnt to live on hope and faith that things would get better someday.

Despite all, Nigerians keep chasing their dreams and doing what they know how to do best to make ends meet. NAIJ.com created a poll asking Nigerians why they are proud of their country. The responses generated from the poll show the positive energy the people of this great country emit.

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Amazingly, the answers given by those who took their time to respond cut across every sector of the economy as the preference of each individual showed in their answers.

What makes you proud of being a Nigerian? These answers will AMAZE you

The poll to which thousands of responses were given.

Nigerians name some of the things that make their country unique:

1. Whistle blowing

This is the trending thing in Nigeria. Some people are obviously thrilled with the discovered funds found in different areas of the country.

2. People's thoughts towards politicians in the country

Apparently, some Nigerians are not satisfied with the way politic is being played in the country. Little wonder a Nigerian requested for the mass burial of Nigerian politicians.

3. A peaceful country

This Nigerian made reference to the ongoing crisis in Syria and other parts of the world. Considering the unrest experienced in that country, Nigeria is a peaceful place.

4. A country blessed with all the good things of life

Nigeria according to this Nigerian is a blessed country, the leadership is the only thing he is deeply concerned about.

5. Human resources

This response will fill you with hope.

6. Wit

Nigerians are humorous by default. They are able to smile through their problems.

7. Nigeria is still growing

This Nigerian has total faith in the country.

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8. Perseverance and resilience

Nigerians are no doubt calm and collected. Despite the trials being faced by the country, the people have remained strong, morally inclined and prayerful.

9. The zeal and dedication

This Nigerian is seeing through our pains and plight. He is optimistic that things would be fine as we have not stopped taking giant strides.

10. Great food

Nigerian foods will make you get stuck as they are delicious. The Nigerian culture is a point of attraction for many tourists.

11. The presence of enthusiastic persons

Some individuals represent the country everywhere they go. Doctors, engineers and talented people keep coming up with fresh ideas that would put the country in good light.

12. Nollywood movies

Interestingly, some Nigerians get stuck to their TV screens watching the talented actors do their thing. Everyone's effort counts and this leaves some people inspired.

13. The presence of happy people

Nigerians do not wear their problems on their heads; they strike other nationals as happy and interesting group of people.

14. Intelligent people

Nigerians are creative and intelligent. Nigerians living in diaspora also find ways of leaving their landmarks wherever they go.

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15. The season

Although there are two main seasons in Nigeria, the people in the country enjoy both as they are not harsh.

16. Money laundering?

That is sarcasm! Nigerians use that a lot; with the probed leaders and politicians, that may very well be a thing of the past.

17. Hospitality

Nigeria is a country that is like a home to people from other nations. Most Nigerians are honest and easy to deal with.

In line with the responses given above, the NAIJ.com videos below would help you understand Nigeria and her people more.

The young man in this video wants the leaders to be taken away so that the young ones would be able to introduce fresh and new ideas:

And since whistle-blowing is the trending thing, here is another video to let you see what some celebrities have to say about it.

Source: Naija.ng

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