Check out how investing in cocoa farming can earn you millions

Check out how investing in cocoa farming can earn you millions

Editor's note: Rotimi Victor Boluwatife, the partner blogger, in this piece explains how to investing in cocoa farming could earn people million without stress

Boluwatife is a blogger at SHEGESUP.

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It is quite unfortunate that the youth of this generation take farming as a very irritating business to invest in but the wise one will sit down quietly to think on what to invest on in farming.

And for those of you who are among the wise youth who love to invest in farming but confused on which part and crop to invest on, I am happy to tell you that investing in cocoa will bring millions of dollars to your account if managed well.

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Cocoa crop is one of the fastest and demanding crop in the world thou it requires a big capital but once it is planted and nurtured to maturity you will be harvesting it throughout your life time, so don’t allow that to discourage you and like we all know cocoa is used to make so many drinkable liquids, powder and solid substances which are all advantageous to our health.

Back then in the early 1990s, Nigeria was ranked as one of the biggest exporter sof cocoa crop in Africa, also, we were ranked among the top exporters in the world but since the discovery and arrival of oil cocoa business was pushed aside and poor management of cocoa farm became unrestrained as people no longer go into the business again.

To start cocoa farming, you need to consider these three things:

1 Setting up a cocoa farm

You need to go in search of a very large expanse forest land with appropriate weather and suitable rainfall because the tress need temperatures between 21-23 degree Celsius and with a fairly rainfall of 1000-2500mm per year and the land you intend to use for cocoa farming must be covered by rain forest canopy.

Check out how investing in cocoa farming can earn you millions

Check out how investing in cocoa farming can earn you millions

If cocoa seed is not handled properly it can die quickly due to it sensitivity. Also, make sure you get a good and improved cocoa variety from a reliable source and I think international institute will be a good place for you to get a good cocoa variety with advice.

2 Climatic factors

In encouraging optimum growth you need to consider the climatic factors, rainfall, temperature and an evergreen forest are very important as cocoa is produced in countries with a belt between 10 degree north and 10 degree south of the equator where the climate is appropriate for growing cocoa trees. Note that cocoa plants respond well to relatively high temperature with a maximum annual average of 30-32 degree Celsius and minimum of 18-21 degree Celsius.

3 Soil condition and property

You need to also consider the soil condition and property. Cocoa grows better on a soil containing coarse particles and with a reasonable quantity of nutrients to a depth of 1.5m to allow the development of a good root system.

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Cocoa soil should have both water retention properties and a good drainage due to it sensitivity to lack of water. Note that cocoa cannot withstand waterlogging for short periods of time but excess water should not exit

Below are the 3 suitable cocoa varieties which are available:

1. Forastero

2. The Trinitario

3. Criollos

Three ways of breeding Cocoa:

1. Marcotting

This is done by removing strip bark from a branch with the area covered in sawdust and polyethylene sheet. Note that the area will produce roots and then the branch can be chopped off and planted.

2. Budding

This is done by cutting a bud from a tree and placing it under a flap of bark on another tree and the budding patch is then bound with raffia and waxed tape to prevent moisture loss. Please Note, that when the bud is growing the old tree above it is cut off.

3. Cutting

This is the most simplest among all. It is done by cutting tree between two, five and one leaves or two buds. Note that the leaves are cut in half which will be placed in a pot under polyethylene until roots begin to grow.

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Cocoa is raised from seed. Seeds will germinate and produce healthy plants when taken from pod not more than 15 days under ripe.

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