Private secondary schools in Lagos

Private secondary schools in Lagos

The beginning of the 21st century brought with it an increase in the importance of intellectual intelligence in the society. So, education and academic progress in developing countries such as Nigeria are now more crucial and relevant.

Private secondary school in Lagos

We turn our attention to secondary education in Nigeria and will discuss the best secondary schools in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos. Since 1989 the system includes the following stages:

- primary education

Duration of which is up to 6 years. The legal age for entering - 6 years old. Only 50.3 % of pupils gain admission into secondary school from primary schools. This is largely due to the poverty of families (children are busy at working on the farms or become apprentices of craftsmen) and the early marriage of girls (46.6 % of female graduates finish education at primary school level).

- secondary education

The first cycle (basic education) standard duration is up to 3 years; the second cycle also lasts 3 years, which is the final stage of upper secondary education. Students at the end of the first cycle and upon the condition of successful completion of exams of the Federal examination Bureau (FEB) receive the certificate of secondary school education (JSC). The level of children’s transition to the next stage of education is distributed as follows: 60% – the second cycle or senior school education; 40% - colleges.

Full list of private secondary schools in Lagos or colleges can be found on the Internet. We consider it necessary to reiterate only the most popular of them.

Lagos Business School

Private secondary school

Lagos Business School

This educational institution is intended to create and transmit certain business and management skills and knowledge with a foundation of the Christian conception of a human existence and understanding Nigeria as one of the most prominent African countries. LBS strives to be a world-class business school with its own significant contribution to the practice of management.

In order to achieve this aim, the school provides development of potential for future professionals who want to become useful for the community by practicing management. Obviously, it has a positive impact on the standards of business management in Nigeria.

Lagos Business School is an institution for management development and holds a position of trust and confidence for providing the best educational programs. As a result, graduates from this school are ingrained with such values as the mutual respect of community, dependability, professionalism, and transcendence.

Kings College Lagos

Private secondary schools in Lagos and their fees

Kings College Lagos

This Nigerian College is a Secondary School for boys-only. It was founded in 1909 by an Act of British Parliament when the country was a colony. Its original name was King’s School. At the times of the establishment, there were only ten scholars. Nowadays it is functioning in full volume.

It was established to bring up students of profound character and academic distinction. It aims to create men who would be able to build an independent state - Nigeria. In other words, this College was created to promote unity in diversity and nurture globally competitive and chivalrous gentlemen, worthy in character and learning.

Another aim was to cultivate youth of different background into men of profound character and academic distinction, through education, mentoring, best practices and God-consciousness, for the greatness of the country and global community.

Nowadays, King’s College, which is in Lagos, remains the best College in terms of top-ranking establishment, character upbringing, discipline, prestige and academic excellence. If it is possible, King's College in Nigeria can be compared with Eaton College, Harrow and a few others.

Dowen College

schools in Lagos and their fees

Dowen College

This College is a self-sufficient co-educational boarding school. The legal age for children is 11-18 years old. This educational institution provides balanced education system taking into account friendly and happy environment. The main aim is considered to be prioritizing and focusing on the individual character of the student. The College builds on the concept that each child is different and unique.

The education is conducted in such a way that students, after graduation, can easily become global citizens. Therefore this educational establishment implements a fully integrated international curriculum in their syllabus. For that reason, classes’ size is limited to a maximum of 20 students. The College puts high emphasis on the moral development as well as sophistication through diligence, mutual respect, discipline, integrity, and honesty.

Chrisland School

school in Lagos

Chrisland School

It is a well-known fact that the durability of every construction depends on its foundation. There are very rare cases when people got real success without any efforts. Our modern world is full of competitiveness where the best things and decisions are reserved for the brightest and the best. Every long-term journey for a distance of thousand miles usually begins with the first right step.

The most important step for any child is education. It should be the best possible education and training, as a springboard to a future of distinction. As you have already guessed, Chrisland School provides one of the best standards in the system of education in Nigeria, since they registered the first student in 1977.

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During the period of almost 4 decades, this school has remained focused on the pursuit of its concept – providing children from different cultural backgrounds with world class basic education. Due to continuous improvement and well-deserved reputation, Chrisland School can be included to the list of best private schools in Lagos, as it is able to give an all-embracing education of 21st-century standard.

BEST Private secondary schools in Lagos

In such rich industrial, commercial, and port cities as Lagos there are developed private schools of European standards. Fees are quite high: for example, in U.S. international school in Lagos, it varies from $12.000 to $15.000 per year, and in the British one – £8.000 for full Board. The fees are so high due to the intense competition, relatively high level of knowledge of graduates and European diploma offered, which gives students the opportunity to enter any European or American university.

The maximum number of the students in the classrooms of such schools is 20, while in state schools is 50. Thus, Nigeria can boast of an impressive educational system. However, 50% of the population do not know how to read and write, or how to speak English efficiently which is the official language of the nation. Still, let's believe in the prosperous future of our country.

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