How a single mother lost three children to electric sparks in Delta

How a single mother lost three children to electric sparks in Delta

March 18, 2017, is a day Favour Elohor Gabriel, single mother of three children who died in Eku, Ethiope East local government area of Delta state can never forget in her life time. It was indeed a tragic day for her and a day no sane man could wish even an enemy to experience.

If anybody had told or prophesied to Favour Elohor Gabriel, that her children would die that fateful day, she would have rebuked or worst still embark on a warfare with the person.

The three children are pupils of Benders School, Eku. John Oluwadare, 16, was in JSS 3; Elizabeth Igben (9) kindergarten 3 and Blessed Igben (6). The fallen pupils, who were said to be lying at the corridor of a neighbour’s house, met their untimely death shortly after electricity was restored that evening at about 7:30 pm.

An eye witness, who simply gave her name as Kevwe, told that as soon as light was restored, there was a spark at an electric pole, which was connected to the neighbours’ burglary where the children were sleeping and they died on the spot. Available facts reveal that as soon as the electricity sparked, the fallen sparks dropped on the children, a development which led to the immediate death of the children.

How a single mother lost three children to electric sparks in Delta

Favour Elohor Gabriel, mother of the three children who died in one day through sparks of electricity in Delta. Beside her are the three children in school uniform

One painful aspect about the whole situation is that not only is Elohor a single parent, she is childless at the moment because the three children are the only issues she has. Each time she sits alone, she hears voices in her head; each time she sleeps, especially at night she dreams about them.

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While explaining to our correspondent what happened on the fateful day, Elohor said: “It happened in the evening of that day. After we finished taking dinner, my mother came to see me for some family discussion and afterwards she left for home because she stays in Eku too.

‘’So John and I then accompanied her and when we were coming back I bought biscuit for them so that when I got home I could give them since they were lying in my neighbour’s house corridor close to the burglary proof and John took the biscuit to them there and stayed with them.

“Moments later, electricity was restored and, as soon as electricity was restored as there was no light that evening, my neighbor ran screaming and shouting to my house and said, ‘mummy John, mummy John! All your children done die.’

‘’I was confused and before I ran to my neighbour’s house, they have been taken to Eku General Hospital. I was told that when electricity was restored the electric pole close to the house where my children were lying down started sparking and the spark escalated to the burglary and my children died on the spot.

I am completely empty, in fact; it is only God that is moving me,” she explained with tears dropping from her eyes uncontrollably.

Asked if she had any premonition or dreamed about the death of her children at any time, mother of the deceased children said: “Yes. I dreamed of their death three days before it happened.

“In that dream, I saw a big pit. It is Blessed which is the last born that fell into the pit first and immediately I jumped into the pit to rescue her, but as soon as I jumped into the pit, the place filled up instantly and I brought her out.

How a single mother lost three children to electric sparks in Delta

How a single mother lost three children to electric sparks in Delta

‘’After saving her, I wanted to step out of it and before my very own eyes I saw another big pit emerged and all my children were inside the pit at the same time and God brought helpers to save all of them. And when I woke up I prayed like never before.

“I fasted for three days from 6am to 6pm. But at the end of the day, my children died,’’ she explained screaming like a woman at the pangs of birth and sobbed uncontrollably.

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Asked how life has treated her since she lost them, Elohor, the mother of the deceased children told our correspondent that she has never felt pain the way she has felt since the demise of her children, saying that there were times she felt like giving up the ghost if not for prayers from her church members, family and friends, she would have died.

She said: “I have never in my life felt the kind of pain I have felt in the past one month and few days. I feel so much pain inside of me but for the people who are around me especially my family members, friends and church members who usually stay in my place from time-to-time to cheer me up and keep me company.’’

When further asked how she was able to cope with fending for the children as a single parent, Elohor said: ‘’I use to work as a bricklayer. In fact, I do all kinds of jobs to feed my children and pay their school fees. I wash clothes, I clean houses and many others, but I don’t sleep with men to make ends meet. It is with my handiwork that I use to care for my children and I am proud of that.

‘’I have been taking care of them for over a year now. There is nobody assisting me because I am not from a rich home, so, the expenses is all on me. It has not been easy because I have to work to eat; it is not as if money is coming from anybody, not even the fathers of the children.

‘’ Currently, things are so difficult for me. I can barely feed because I cannot work at the moment due to the trauma; it is good Samaritans who come to visit that give me money to eat. How can I work with this kind of pain? I am surviving at the mercy of others and God. My church members from Living Faith Church have been helpful to me."

Asked what ways she feels the government could assist her, Elohor said: ‘’In any way they want to help me, I will be forever remain grateful to the government. Just in case, I would like to do business. If I have money to open a provision store, I will be more than satisfied because I like business.

“I don’t want to be a burden to anybody. Let me earn what I eat and I am okay. If I can be engaged in business, my mind will be, at least, a bit relaxed. I won’t be thinking a lot about the loss. I need something to occupy my mind because each time I am alone I hear their voices.

“I miss them a lot. I wish God did not allow this to happen to me, I would have been living normally. But, in all situations, the Bible says we should give glory to God, so I have resigned myself to God."

Her elder sister, Helen, told that the death is a huge shock that her sister would not recover from anytime soon.

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She said: ‘’The death of her children really affected my sister. If not for God and people around, my sister would have been dead by now because the pain is too much to handle.

“Do you know what it means to lose a child? Much more three children at a stretch; I am a mother and I know the feeling of mothers. When our children are sick, it affects us, much more if one of them now dies.

‘’Please, Mr. Journalist talk to my sister because she keeps crying every day. We have told her crying will not bring the children back to life. We have been talking to her, but she will not hear us. Talk to her for us maybe she will listen to you.”

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