Revealed! Why it is risky for Buhari to be treated in Nigeria

Revealed! Why it is risky for Buhari to be treated in Nigeria

- A medical practitioner, Dr. Wale Omole has revealed why President Muhammadu Buhari must be flown abroad for treatment

- He said that it is risky for the president to be treated abroad

- President Muhammadu Buhari has been battling with health since issues since January when he went to London for treatment

A medical practitioner and the founder of a Non-Governmental Organisation, National Problems and Solutions (NPS), Dr. Wale Omole, has revealed why it is risky for President Muhammadu Buhari to be treated in Nigeria for his ailing health condition.

Speaking with Nigerian Tribune, Dr. Omole said that, “One could view President Buhari’s treatment abroad as a big slap on the face of Nigerian medical experts and a big shame to Africa. But no! I cannot blame the man because it would be a big risk for him to be treated in Nigeria under bad health conditions.

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Revealed! Why it is risky for Buhari to be treated in Nigeria

Dr. Wale Omole

“Incidentally all the contributors today go abroad for simple headache and cold. Ironically many of those who are afraid to die in Nigerian hospitals go out to die in the cold and their remains are flown back home. How many of such well-to-do people can we count?

“Nigerian leaders go out to foreign countries because they are afraid to be victims of the systems they have created.

"For instance, President Mohammadu Buhari recently received treatment in London, not because he doesn’t have confidence in Nigerian medical experts, but because he knows too well that: functional equipment are lacking in all our teaching hospitals for the experts to work with.

“While receiving treatment, power may go off; drug to be administered on him might have lost potency due to poor storage as a result incessant power outages; fake drug abound in the country.

“These are some of the factors driving political leaders away from Nigerian hospitals, not lack of confidence in our medical experts. So, their going abroad is to primarily seek safety and then treatment.

"These cannot be blamed on Nigerian experts, but on the political systems that have failed through the years.

He further stated that, “Our hospitals will continue to be described as “mere consultation rooms” for as long as the law permits political office holders to seek treatment outside the country.

“Nothing happens by accident. People work for what they get. If our government fails to develop our hospitals to the expected standard, the hospitals will remain, “mere consultation rooms”.

"The foreign hospitals Nigerian leaders run to were developed by the political leaders of those foreign nations. They do not want to entrust their lives into the hands of foreign countries.

“They run abroad for treatment because they know that they have not developed our local hospitals to any measurable standards.

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"No political leader wants to die. And we don’t want them to die anyway. But they know the injuries they have through the years inflicted on the Nigerian medical system. So they don’t want to take the risk of taking treatment here in the country. To them, it is safer to go.

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