How to make Ankara accessories?

How to make Ankara accessories?

Still don't know how to make Ankara accessories? It really isn't very difficult! All you need are Ankara fabric, some materials, our tutorial, and the right level of imagination. Check out this DIY accessories tutorial.

How to make Ankara accessories?

Ankara accessories have become an absolute necessity in the world of fashion. It is music to our ears to learn that we can create stylish accessories out of some scraps of Ankara fabric that we no longer need..

How to make Ankara necklace?

How to make ankara necklace

If you are a real fan of Ankara fashion, you know that you can buy these Ankara accessories at any local shop. Though, if you would prefer something unique and handmade, then you might want to make them yourself.

How to make ankara accessories necklace

For a really fancy necklace, you will need some scraps of fabric remained after sewing.

Ankara necklace from buttons

You will need:

- Round buttons of different colors;

How to make ankara accessories - buttons

- one-color Ankara fabric;

- 2 pieces of ribbon (choose the length and the width to your taste);

- scissors, needle, and threads.

Follow the easy steps:

- Firstly, prepare a foundation for your buttons. Cut the material into two equal pieces (choose the form to your taste). Usually, most people go for the U-shape.

How to make ankara necklace 1

- Sew the seams together, adding one piece of the ribbon on one side. The ribbons will be holding the necklace on your neck.

- Leave an opening on the other side in order to sew in the second piece of ribbon;

- When the base is ready and the ribbons are sewn in, then we move to the next stage. Sew the buttons onto the base. They should cover all the surface of the fabric.

How to make ankara necklace 2

- The result will look very cool and bright!

How to make ankara necklace with buttons

Ankara rope necklace

This variant of Ankara accessories is the most popular and the simplest one.

You will need:

- Ankara fabric (55 cm long and 6,5 cm wide);

- Rope (1 cm in diameter);

- Loop turner needle (you will appreciate this cool device);

- Pliers;

- Crimp clamps;

- Glue (for fabric and metal);

- Any kind of a clasp (magnetic metal clasp will look really cool on the rope necklace and is easy to wear);

- Any metal garnish, to make an ideal accessory;

- Scissors, needle, and thread.

How to make rope Ankara necklace

Here is a step-by-step Ankara rope necklace tutorial:

- Take the measured piece of Ankara fabric and sew the ends of the fabric so that you’ll get sort of a tunnel for your rope. You should sew the seams of the cloth.

How to make Ankara accessories - tunnel

- Use the loop turner to turn your tunnel inside out.

- Put the rope into the fabric tunnel (use the loop turner again).

How to make Ankara accessories - rope

- Glue the ends of the tube with clamps and use pliers to squeeze them.

- Attach the clasp to the clamps. You can also use magnetic clasps.

How to make Ankara accessories - rope necklace

- Your vogue necklace is ready!

How to make Ankara accessories - rope necklace ready

Ankara beaded necklace

How to make ankara

For this necklace you will need:

- A piece of Ankara fabric of the length, which is suitable for the intended beads. Its width should be slightly bigger than the diameter of the beads.

- Beads of your choice.

- Loop turner needle.

- Scissors, needle, and thread.

Step-by-step instruction for you:

- Prepare Ankara material (the length is to your taste and the width depends on the diameter of the chosen beads);

How to make ankara accessories sewing

- Sew it up along the entire length on the sewing machine or with needle and thread, creating a tube, just as it is done for the necklace with rope;

- Sew up one side edge of your Ankara strip;

ankara accessories?

- Turn it inside out;

- Make a knot from one side of the strip;

How to make ankara accessories? knot

- Put the first bead in a tube made of fabric and tie a thin ribbon or just make another knot;

How to make ankara necklace

- Do this up to the end. Your stylish Ankara fabric necklace with beads is ready.

make ankara accessories?
How to make Ankara print accessories

How to make Ankara hair accessories?

Ankara hair wrap can be tied in two ways: making a knot on top of your head or making a knot on the back of the head. All you need is a piece of Ankara material. Nowadays such hair wraps are becoming quite popular. It looks great with sundresses, jeans, plaid shirts, cropped tops, white shirts, flared dresses, and plain cropped trousers.

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What will you need for hair wrap making?

How to make hair wrap

For creating really cute hair wrap you will need:

  1. Ankara material;
  2. sewing machine;
  3. scissors;
  4. tape measure;
  5. pencil or chalk;
  6. thread.

Step-by-step guide

How to make Ankara wrap
  1. Begin by measuring your head.
  2. Take the material and draw a rectangle on it (remember to add a few cm to the head circumference, the more you add, the more variants of wrap you can chose);
  3. Make a tube from the rectangle and wrap any way you like;
  4. You can narrow down and round off the ends of the hair wrap or leave it as it is.

How to make Ankara earrings?

In order to make Ankara print earrings, you need of half an hour of your free time and the desire to be unique.

How to make ankara accessories? earrings

To create unique Ankara earrings you will need:

  1. workpiece for earrings (rings made of metal or wood, plastic);
  2. a few pieces of Ankara (choose your favourite colours);
  3. glue;
  4. brush for glue;
  5. thin silk thread;
  6. a needle;
  7. 2 studs;
  8. scissors;
  9. lighter.

Ankara fashion earrings: main steps to follow

How to make ankara earrings

Step 1

- Use scissors to cut thin strips of Ankara fabric. Leave it for a while;

- Attach wooden or plastic rings to the basis of your earrings, for instance, studs;

- Put some glue on the rings;

- In order to secure the Ankara strips on the surface of these rings, wrap them several times around the base and sew with thread.

ankara accessories earrings

Step 2

Wrap the entire base and stitch fabric with thread. Ready!

Ankara styles: how to make fashionable bags?

Ankara bags

Simple, but cute shopping bag is a great alternative to disposable plastic bags. It can be easily made from an old piece of Ankara material. You don’t need to have the talents of a seamstress. You just need to know how to use a sewing machine.

How to make ankara accessories bags

You will need:

  1. 2 rectangular pieces of colored fabric of the desired size;
  2. Ribbon of fabric - 1 m in length and 2 cm in width;
  3. Threads;
  4. Sewing machine;
  5. Scissors.

Let's create a masterpiece in Ankara style:

  1. Using a zig-zag seam, trim the top edge of the fabric and sew it up to the edge of the strip from the front side;
  2. Don't forget to attach the second piece of strip to make a handle;
  3. Do the same with the second piece of cloth. Now you have two halves of your future bag;
  4. Sew together two halves;
  5. Turn the bag inside out.
How to make Ankara fabric braselets

Ankara fabric bracelets

One of the beloved Ankara print decorations is bracelet. We will tell you how to make Ankara bracelet with your own hands. There are two popular and easy ways to go about it.

Using an old bracelet as a basis

You will need:

  1. An old bracelet;
  2. Ankara strip;
  3. Glue for fabric.

Easy steps:

- Take the bracelet and cover its surface with glue;

- Wrap the Ankara strip tightly around the base;

- Voila! Your cool bracelet is ready!

How to make Ankara bangles

Ankara beaded bracelet

In order to make such a bracelet, you will need to prepare the following materials:

  1. Beads;
  2. Ankara fabric;
  3. Ribbon or button for a clasp.
How to make ankara bracelet

Ankara fabric bracelet with your own hands:

Step 1.

  1. First, measure the approximate circumference of your beads. Then add about 1-1,5 cm to this. This is the width of the Ankara strips. The length will depend on your own preference.
  2. Next, cut a strip of a fabric of the desired size.
  3. Make a kind of a tube.
How to make ankara accessories? bracelet

Step 2. Tie a knot on one of the edges of the fabric and insert one bead. Tie a knot again, then place another bead and continue this until you have run out of beads.

Step 3. You can adjust a kind of clasp to the end of the strip or just tie a knot.

How to make Ankara accessories best variant

Which Ankara accessory did you like the most? You can try to make them all so you end up with amazing and matching sets. All you need is time and desire. Hope we have inspired you to create really cool handmade designs.

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