Ombre lips on dark skin: Secrets of perfect makeup

Ombre lips on dark skin: Secrets of perfect makeup

It is not a surprise that the ombre look never goes out of style. It has captured the affection of so many fashionistas. The trend can even be found in garments, hair colouring, manicure and even makeup. Everything is in ombre! Want to learn more about the ombre look and how to apply this kind of makeup on dark skin? Every tiny nuance will be illuminated in this article. Keep reading!

Ombre lips on dark skin: Secrets of perfect makeup

The fashion of ombre lips originated from Korea where it is considered very trendy to adorn the lips in such an attractive way. The Koreans put on lipstick of lasting hues only on the inner part of the lips. The outer part is tinted with a concealer. This gives off the effect of ‘being kissed’ or having a sensual slightly bitten lip.

There are several ways to apply the ombre lip makeup. You can choose different colour combinations and lipstick textures.

Nowadays ombre has got more ‘dramatic’ features. As a rule, this makeup is used as a remarkable way to emphasise the lips. Let’s try and make trendy look together.

gaudy ombre

To do ombre lips on the dark skin, you will need:

- A lip balm or chapstick;

- A concealer or foundation;

- A lip pencil of the same colour as a lipstick;

- A basic colour lipstick;

- A lip pencil of 2-3 hues darker than a lipstick;

- A lip gloss or a lipstick of 2-3 shades darker than a basic lipstick;

- Paper tissues.

Ombre lips tutorial

  1. First of all, begin your makeup by moisturizing the lips with a balm. If you have chapped or peeling lips, you can give them a light scrub.
  2. Then you should slightly tint the lips with the help of a concealer or foundation to soften their colour.
  3. Outline the lips contour with a lip pencil (a liner).
  4. Then shade the pencil lightly in the inward direction. Try to make the contour unnoticeable.
  5. Put on the basic lipstick.
  6. Using a liner that is 2-3 darker than the basic lipstick, apply to the corners of your lips..
  7. Apply a lip gloss on the lips corners or use a lipstick that is 2-3 shades darker over the lip pencil. Try to make the colour blend smooth. If needed use a paper tissue to get rid of extra lipstick.

You should know that this type of makeup should be well suited to your skin colours. If you have bold lips like this, avoid bold colours on your eyes. Apparently, such bright lips require ideal skin tone. Everything must be balanced. The main point is not to overdo the look. Mind that all the beauty products should be of a high quality and not expired. Otherwise, there is a real danger to your health: no ombre effects could hide inflammations and rashes on the skin.

How to apply lipstick?

Nowadays ombre is everywhere. Almost every magazine cover has got an image with a smiling celebrity with ombre makeup. So, the question is how to apply the lipstick correctly so you don't look tacky or cheap. Well, nothing is impossible if you have got skillful hands and passion for makeup.

According to experts’ recommendations, firstly, a lady must select her colour palette. In other words, to pick the colours of cosmetics that best suits her skin tone and then practice with them. While choosing the main lipstick colour, you have to think about two darker or lighter ones which blend well together. For instance, if red is your primary colour it will go great with a brownish liner or gloss.

Ombre lips at home

The next step in a perfect ombre makeup creation is practice. All you have to do is just look through the photos of ombre lips in magazines or on the Internet and pay attention to its variations.

There are several ways to do ombre:

- one lip may be of a darker tint than the other (it means that the shade blend may go vertically or horizontally);

Ombre lips

- one lip is darker, the other is lighter (mixing of two tints makes for a marvelous effect);

vertical ombre

- using a darker lip liner, a girl has create and define the contours, and then apply a lipstick or gloss of lighter shades;

Ombre lips tutorial
ombre lips variation

- Make the lip contours look slightly visible with a concealer. You can put a spot of brighter colour on the central part of the mouth and blend it in smoothly;

Ombre and lips

- Trace the contours with a dark-red liner and cover the lips with a red lipstick or a gloss.

Ombre lips on dark skin: red lipstick

This, in no way, make up the whole list of ombre creations. These are ones that are most popular when it comes to ombre effects.

Makeup tips for dark skinned ladies

Firstly, women with dark skin tone should avoid light lipsticks. This just does not go well. It might even make you look a bit sickly. Flesh-coloured tones do not flatter us all that well either..

natural color looks
A girl with nice lips

Luckily, there is room for creativity: We have a lot of vivid colours to choose from. Concentrate on those. Pick bright and rich colours from red to brownish. For instance, deep red, violet plum or ruby-garnet are just perfect!

Vivid purplish ombre

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If you want to look natural, then choose a lipstick colour that is slightly darker than your skin. It will not spoil your look, on the contrary, it makes for a more elegant and moderate makeup.

Rihanna with ombre lips

Rihanna wearing ombre lips

Once again, the kind of makeup should be well-balanced. You don't need your lips and eyes looking like traffic lights. Emphasize either your lips or your eyes. And, a perfect skin tone, of course.

Ombre lips on dark skin: perfect makeup

Listen to the recommendations above, and stay awesome!

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