Cold shoulder dress: DIY

Cold shoulder dress: DIY

Want to wear something special and trendy? How about the cold shoulder dress? Do you know that you can make these yourself easily and quickly? Read the article to know all about twists and turns involved in creating this piece.

Cold shoulder dress: DIY

Cold shoulder dresses have a very unique charm, a hint of tenderness and a touch of romance. They are very feminine and create a very romantic light look. Summer is the best time for wearing these kinds of style.

There are so many styles when it comes to cold shoulder dresses with open or semi-open shoulders. Some of them may have long and short sleeves or may be without sleeves at all. Before talking about the ways to make these kinds of outfits, let's consider some of the fun varieties. we have.

Cold shoulder dresses

Dress with a fitted body corset

This style has a special structure which is based on the absence of not only sleeves but also the line of the shoulder. The kind of skirt you choose depends on your taste - straight, curvy, long and medium length can all go perfectly.

Cold shoulder dress - Kim

Kim Kardashian

Dresses with sleeves and a detachable shoulder

Cold shoulder dress
Cold shoulder

They look very sophisticated. The top can be made of stretch fabric or have thin strips.

Asymmetrical cold shoulder dress

Cold one shoulder dress
Cold shoulder dress one shoulder

They are absolutely awesome, no doubt

Bust dresses

Cold shoulder bust dress

This is a real hit these days. It consists of open shoulders and hands and an accentuated waist. If you prefer the kind with a long skirt, then the top should be made of thick silk or cotton and the bottom can be made with silk or chiffon.

Lace dress with deep neckline

Cold shoulder dress - lace
Cold shoulder dress: DIY lace

Whatever model you choose, you are guaranteed to capture attention. Your confidence is assured when you rock the cold shoulder look perfectly


Cold shoulder dress: sundress

Spaghetti straps and flared silhouette can also look very pretty. When you wear a sundress, you will feel light and it is the perfect way to bring out your inner child.

Before making your choice and start the sewing process keep this advice in mind.

Cold shoulder dress: DIY cute

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Who should wear cold shoulder dress?

Cold shoulder dress: beauty
  1. young girls, slender ladies with beautiful shoulders and neck;
  2. girls with short neck as the style can give the illusion of a longer neck;
  3. girls with good posture.

Who shouldn’t wear cold shoulder dress?

Cold shoulder dress women
  1. older women;
  2. women and girls with the "triangle" and "apple" body types;
  3. women with acne, pimples, scars, burns and other skin blemishes on face, neck and shoulders;
  4. The style can make you look curvier so plus-size women might want to avoid it;
  5. women with square or sharp shoulders;
  6. pay attention to the choice of fabric. You have a range of choices: cotton, sateen, chintz, percale, chiffon. It is very important to opt for the right material.

DIY cold shoulder dress: Sewing instructions

Here is a simple way to make the cold shoulder dress at home. Make this stylish look yourself with minimal efforts.

You will need:

Cold shoulder dress: DIY materials
  1. A gown (long tank top like the one in the photo above);
  2. A needle and thread;
  3. Scissors;
  4. White pencil or chalk;
  5. Fabric for sleeves (we will be using fringe but you can opt for different material).

Main steps:

- Take prepared fringe;

- Measure the length which will be needed for making sleeves;

Cold shoulder dress: DIY measuring

- Mark your measurements with chalk or marker. It’s better if this is done while the dress is on you;

Cold shoulder dress: DIY fringe

- Cut the fringe, 2 equal pieces, set it aside;

- Take your top tank and sew these 2 pieces of fringe onto the strips as shown in the picture;

Cold shoulder dress: DIY sewing

- Be careful to sew them as close as possible to the original seam of the dress;

Cold shoulder dress: DIY sew

- Do the same on the other side;

Cold shoulder dress: DIY final result
Cold shoulder dress: DIY black fringe

Check out the result! It’s awesome, don’t you think?

Cold shoulder dress: DIY result

Have a look at cold shoulder dress sewing patterns:

Cold shoulder dress: DIY patterns
Cold shoulder dress: DIY example

This is the time of the year when you can wear a dress and look good doing it. You can wear the cold shoulder look anywhere. You can wear it on a walk around your house, hanging out with your friends, enjoying dinner in a restaurant or even attending a casual event. Now you know the secret to how to make this style by yourself.

Enjoy and share with friends.

Cold shoulder dress: DIY nigeria

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