Tompolo house: How much does it cost?

Tompolo house: How much does it cost?

What is the financial condition of one of the most contradictory personality in Nigeria? One of the richest man in Africa that was born disregarded, however, celebrated with elegance by his parents who had waited so long to have a baby boy. His father, Thomas Ekpemupolo, named him Oweizide, meaning “I have given birth to a man” in his native Izon language. In a predictive manner, he further gave him ‘Government’ as a middle name, with an assertion that “my son would be a government, a ruler.” Now he has a luxury home, jet and more. So who is Tompolo and how much money does he have?

Tompolo cries out to Buhari

Tompolo house

Photos Of Tompolo's Shrine

Not long ago his house was ransacked by the military. Here you can see some pictures of it.

Tompolo house
Tompolo house was ransacked
Tompolo house: how much does it cost?

Tompolo private jet

Tompolo’s Private Jet

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For those who don't know, the 46-year-old ex-militant, on Monday 26th August 2013 received a LearJet 60SE created by Canadian aerospace company Bombardier. According to aviation sources, the Jet cost a whopping sum of $13.3 million (N2.12 billion).

Tompolo warship

Tompolo warship

According to a Norwegian website -, this is a pic of one of the warship allegedly purchased by former militant, Government Tompolo.

Tompolo biography

Tompolo writes Buhari again over Niger Delta crisis

Government Oweizide Ekpumopolo was born in 1970 into the family of Chief Thomas Osei Ekpempulo and Mrs. Sologha Ekpemupol of Okorenkoko in Gbaramatu Kingdom in Warri South-West Local Government Area of present Delta State. He attended Edah Primary School, Madagho, and Kunpa Primary School, Kunukunuma before proceeding to National Comprehensive College, Warri where he completed his SSCE in 1993.

Tompolo company. After a brief stint as Managing Director of his father's family business, Tompolo Nigeria Limited, his militancy career began in 1997, during the struggle to ‘liberate’ the Ijaws from the dominance of its neighbours - the Itsekiris. Then General Sani Abacha had relocated Warri South Local Government headquarters from Ogbe-Ijoh to Itsekiri’s Ogidiben and thus, an Ijaw ‘Soldier’ was born.

Arrest Of Niger Delta Militant ' Tompolo'

After the struggle, he relocated to Oporoza due to threats to his life and there he started the fight against the oil majors and the federal government.

True to his name, Government Ekpumopolo was an authority of some sort. Traditional rulers, native council workers, lawmakers, governors dissent to him. To prove the type of ability of Tompolo wields, throughout the visit of then vice chairman Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to his terrorist headquarters at the notorious Camp 5, he instructed all the Vice President’s entourage, security details, and other officials to stay outside the camp, allowing only Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in for ‘consultation’.

buhari finally araigns tompolo in court

He led a lot of ‘successful’ guerrilla attacks against Shell, nearly disabling their production capacity in the Niger Delta. The company had no alternative but to begin paying some form of ‘security fees’ to the military leader.

Tompolo started consulting in matters of safety for the oil companies, the Federal Government and the Joint Task Force to maintain some level of peace. Things got out of hand when his men cruelly killed eleven military men comprising of one officer and ten rank and file of the Nigerian Army. That development forced the Chairman of the Joint Task Force in the Niger Delta, Brig. Gen. Yaki Sarkin Bello to announce him wanted, dead or alive.

As you know, Tompolo is not an ordinary man. We can only guess about the cost of his house and other luxury devices. But everyday news about Tompolo gives us some facts about his life. Perhaps one day we would know how much he spends and figure out how many public goods we could have purchased with our collective billions in the hands of an ex-militant.

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