List of professional courses in Nigeria

List of professional courses in Nigeria

Today, we will take a look at the list of professional courses in Nigerian universities at the moment. Before we dive into this useful information, we are going to define what a professional course is and what benefits there are to taking them in Nigerian universities.

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What is a Professional Course?

NOUN Accredited Courses

Professional courses are recognized qualifications awarded by professional bodies within a particular relevant industry. These courses are usually a follow up to a degree or its equivalent qualification, though not in all instances. Professional courses focus on improving a person’s ability to succeed in a particular field.

Why Should I Take a Professional Course?

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If you really want to build a career in a particular profession, it is highly advised to take a professional course. Here are some good reasons why you should consider taking a professional course:

  • It is a step in achieving chartered status in some professions and it is also required before you are registered as a member of the professional body
  • It boosts your job opportunities and potential earnings
  • You will gain skills, recognition and quality contact

Top 11 Professional Courses in Nigeria

oil & gas exploration and production

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN): This course is aimed at helping you become a professional accountant in Nigeria. It can boost your chances of getting a job in this field.

Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria: This institute offers the MPTP certificate. This course enhances the skills of their graduates. It is known as one of the highest professional courses in Nigeria at the moment.

Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN)

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Chartered Institute of Bankers in Nigeria: This is an Institute for bankers and is certain to spice up your profile as an expert banker. With the certificate of this institute at hand, you have better chances of getting employed in a Nigerian bank than a person with just a BSc.

Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors And Valuers: If you really want to build a career in this field it is recommended you enroll in this institution.

NIESV National

Association of General And Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria: You are probably wondering why you need to take a professional course after your six-year medical training in a Nigerian university. The truth is if you want to be distinct and gain more recognition in the medical field, then this course is the best for you.

Association of National Accountants of Nigeria: This is another professional course in the accounting sphere. This course is highly recognized in Nigeria. It is going to add more value to your CV.

Business Education Exams Council: This is a business related course. This course is useful for entrepreneurs as you are going to learn how to take your business to the next level. It is also useful to those who operate international business.

Business Education Exams Council

Center for Law and Development: Here you can study a professional course in the legal profession. This certificate will give you an edge as a legal practitioner in Nigeria. You will be given preference over people who do not have the certificate.

Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria: Taking a course at this institute is bound to bode well for your career. If you are looking to set up a pension management business you must have taken this course as your business is not going to be registered by the CAC without this qualification.

Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria: this is the most famous Institute for Nigerian marketers and you ought to have this certificate if you would like to grow in the marketing profession. This certificate will enable you to set up a professional marketing business and will also boost your chances of getting a job.

NIMN Inaugurates Investiture Committee

Oil and Gas Train Services Limited (Oil Trian): This course will serve as an introduction of participant to the required startup knowledge of the oil and gas.. Participants will get to learn about:

- The nature of the oil and gas working environment;

- Introduction to exploration, survey, and drilling;

- Elaborated details on drilling rigs and well;

- Introduction to principle of work and a lot of other key topics.

List of professional courses in Nigeria

This list of professional courses offered in Nigeria can be very helpful. Making the right choice to become smarter may change your future. Our list also explains the importance of professional courses Nigeria. Will you try any?

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