France visa application in Nigeria

France visa application in Nigeria

France! It`s a country of love and fantastic cuisine. If you want to travel to France, then you have found the right article to ask for advice. This simple three step guide will help you to get France Visa application in Nigeria. Follow this guide, and you will see the Eiffel Tower!

France visa application in Nigeria

France Visa Application Form Step 1

France Visa Application Form Step 1

As the first step, you need to prepare to visit France. Let`s look at the Schengen Rules. If you plan to visit France, then you should know that it`s one of the Schengen Zone countries. You are obligated to carry a visa to cross borders of the Schengen Area. You can stay in the zone up to 90 days but not longer than 180 days.

Which countries are in Schengen Zone?

Which countries are in Schengen Zone?

- Switzerland;

- Slovakia;

- Slovenia;

- Sweden;

- Spain;

- Poland;

- Portugal;

- Norway;

- Netherland;

- Malta;

- Luxemburg;

- Lithuania;

- Latvia;

- Italy;

- Iceland;

- Hungary;

- Greece;

- Germany;

- Finland;

- France;

- Estonia;

- Denmark;

- Czech Republic;

- Belgium;

- Austria.


If you want to enter one of the Schengen countries, like France - you should follow these common rules:

1. If you intend to visit only France, then you need to visit the consulate in Lagos for France visa application;

2. If you have an intention to stay in several countries of the zone, then you need to visit an Embassy of the country where you are going to stay for the longest term;

3. If you have plans to visit several countries of the Schengen zone and have plans to stay there for equal amount of time – you must visit the Embassy of the first country you plan to visit.

French Visa categories

French Visa categories

There are two types of France visa – short term and long term visa.

Long Stay Visa

Long Stay Visa

- Medical reasons;

- Re-entry;

- Marriage;

- Employment;

- Family/private stay;

- Studies.

Short Stay Visa

Short Stay Visa

- Tourist;

- Friend/Family visit;

- Business;

- French Overseas Territories;

- Airport Transit.

Do not forget that a minimum passport validity for a visa is two years. Do not forget that the French visa application form can only be submitted up to 10 weeks before travel. You should also think about updating your web browser for France Visa application online.

- If you want to download Long-stay Visa application form, then please click on this link:

- You should also download and fill in the compulsory form:

- Every application also requires you to fill a mandatory questionnaire:

France Visa requirements for Nigeria

France Visa requirements for Nigeria

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- Complete and signed France Visa application form;

- Three clear copies of your passport;

- Supporting documents per relevant checklist;

- Receipt of France Visa application in Nigeria.

France Visa requirements for Nigerian citizens under 18-years-old

- A consent letter from parents;

- Passport copy of parents issuing the letter;

- A copy of Birth certificate.

Passport requirements for France Visa Application

- Passport validity must have minimum six months or more before the date you intend to enter the Schengen zone;

- It should have three empty pages for visa;

- Passport issued date must not be up to 10 years.

France Visa Application collecting time

The minimum time to process your visa request is 15 days. The collection timing is from 10:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday. All applicants must come to collect their documents in person.

Step 2 Apply for France Visa in Nigeria

Step 2 Apply for France Visa in Nigeria

- Applicants should submit their application personally;

- Make a clear copy of original documents;

- Ensure that you use the most updated version of your web browser. Complete the French visa application form in capital letters. You can complete the form online here.

- You should submit a complete questionnaire with every application;

- Pay your French visa application fee at the required bank;

- Do not forget to provide all necessary documents to the France Consulate General and Federal Government of Nigeria;

- After you apply at the Visa Center – you need to enroll your biometrics. Do not forget to pay the receipt for biometrics.

Step 3 – After submission

Step 3 – After submission

When you have worked through all the necessary documents at the France Visa Application Center in Nigeria – you can check your application online. You just need to visit and enter your Date of Birth and the unique VAC reference number. You can find this reference number on the Invoice-Receipt.

Click here to track your France Visa Application online:

Do not forget about the time you can collect your documents. Note that there are weekends and holidays.

When you come to the Visa application center to get back your documents – you must provide:

- Original proof of identity;

- Birth certificate for children;

- Original payment receipt.

Also Note

The France Visa application center collects money from you for processing your documents. Whether you get your France visa or not is completely dependent on the France Consulate.

You get your visa – what`s next?

You get your visa – what`s next?

Now you can start packing your things and be ready for your journey. France is a fantastic country that you have to visit at least once in your life. Do not forget to visit main sightings of France, like Louvre, Eiffel Tower, theaters, museums and even night clubs. You have not seen the true Paris and France without visiting the night clubs!

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