Top law firms in Nigeria

Top law firms in Nigeria

One of the most important professions in Nigeria is law. The role and importance of jurisprudence in any society are steadily increasing. The primary task of lawyers all over the world and also in Nigeria is the protection of life, honuor, and property of citizens. They ensure the efficiency of state and private businesses. Keep reading to learn about the top law firms in Nigeria.

Lawyers in Nigeria

The profession of a lawyer in the modern society is one of the most crucial, as lawyers uphold and conduct the legal aspect of the nation.

The primary goals of the law firms

The aims of the law firms in Nigeria are:

- to ensure the legal security of individuals and businesses, the sphere of land, real estate, and large investment projects;

- to provide law services for the client competently, adequately and confidentially;

- to solve customer problems as efficiently as possible;

- to give loyalty and individual approach to each client;

- to ensure the guarantee of strict confidentiality;

- to help with the process of formation of the rule of law in Nigeria.

How law works

In private businesses, law companies have a very significant role. They provide legal maintenance and advice to transnational corporations in Nigeria on how they do their jobs and support the economic growth of the country. Law firms also play a vital role in protecting the rights of private citizens in Nigeria.

10 Top law firms in Nigeria

All judicial organisations are divided by rating into groups. We present to you the most prestigious law firms in Nigeria. They are the flagships of legal practice in the country. Here they are.

Nigerian lawyers

- Aluko & Oyebode;

- Olaniwun Ajayi LP;

- Banwo and Ighodalo;

- Aelex;

- Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie;

- Ajumogobia & Okeke;

- Abdulai , Taiwo & Co;

- Adepetun, Caxton Martins, Agbor and Segu;

- Templars.

The above-mentioned judicial firms deal with different areas of law. They are good in the most substantial fields of protecting the customers’ interests. These companies do their best for businesses as well as they do for individuals. Some of them even have foreign experts.

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The law firms principle activities

These main judicial companies in Nigeria offer services in all areas of law. They professionally cover the following fields:

Top law firms in Nigeria activities

- civil law;

- banking law;

- corporate law;

- customs law;

- currency and financial regulation of international economic activity;

- legislation in the field of international investment;

- legal protection of industrial and intellectual property.

The majority of the law firms on our list provide a mixture of these activities. All of them have enough experience when it comes to Nigeria law. The lawyers have the proper education and many years of practice.

Law firms in Nigeria

The judicial companies in Nigeria provide different services. They cover all kinds of business activity of their clients - the establishment of business companies, their operation, failure and liquidation. Their services include comprehensive subscription services, juridical maintaining and consultations, pre-trial arrangement of disputes, protection of customers' business in arbitration courts, formalization of bankruptcy, taking part in enforcement proceedings and legal support for foreign campaigns operating in Nigeria. The major attention of the law companies is focused on these services:

High quality of services

- protection of customers' interests in all areas of settling economic disputes;

- customers' presentation and protection in arbitration court;

- assisting companies with different organizational and judicial forms;

- judicial maintaining for the creation and operation of credit institutions;

- transactions with real estate property;

- consultations and activities on issues relating to the regulation of the issuance and circulation of corporate securities;

- juridical protection of industrial and intellectual property.

As you can see, there are a lot of law companies in Nigeria with a range of qualified lawyers. They are always ready to do all their best to resolve your legal disputes of any complexity.

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